“I need help for the kids to go back to school” – Berbice woman

Old Year’s Day fire

A West Bank Berbice mother is seeking help to rebuild her home after it allegedly was set on fire by her spouse on Old Year’s Day. The woman and her three children are now homeless.

Omdawattie Bisnauth sitting in the rubble of what was once her home

Omdawattie Bisnauth, 42, of Lot 4 Puja Dam, Blairmont Settlement, has said she lost everything to the fire, which occurred at about 15:00h as she was preparing to welcome the New Year. She said she, like her children, aged nine, 10 and 12 – has no belongings.
“I need help for the kids to go back to school, because they don’t have anything, and if I can get a little assistance with lil things for the house.”
Bisnauth noted that she has received some wood from a neighbour to assist with rebuilding her house, but it is far from adequate.
“Whatever little ah get I will be thankful,” she said.
“I don’t have anything. The children birth certificates, my ID card, the slip for the child to go to the school that he get after he write the exam – I did not enroll him as yet – all burn in the house.”
The fire, she said, has now turned her family into beggers.
“Things not working out good, because I don’t have no money. I have nothing that I can (use to support myself and children. I just keep asking this neighbour for lil food or ask for a two dollar,” Bisnauth related.
She recalled that on the last day of the year, her husband became annoyed after he could not find two DVDs to watch.
As a result, he started hitting his 12-year-old son, accusing him of misplacing the videos.
“He take the ashtray and pelt the boy with it, and I tell the children, ‘Let us leave the house’.”
She said she went to a neighbour’s house with her children, and after a while, her husband, who was intoxicated, began calling for her. However, she did not return.
“We started to cuss…and like two minutes after (that), I see the house in fire.”
Police are now on the hunt for the 37-year-old cattle ranger.
Meanwhile, persons who are interested in helping Bisnauth can contact her on telephone number (592) 647-8173. (Andrew Carmichael)