Implications of Granger’s, GECOM’s actions do not augur well

Dear Editor,
After doing everything to stymie and suppress the Constitution, Vincent Alexander and his cohort Commissioners are attempting to justify why elections should be held at a date beyond April 30, 2019. They are very much aware that the validity of the list will expire creating a situation that necessitates the strongest sanctions. At the same time, the implications for Mr Granger and his cabal of Ministers cannot and must not remain of the same order and it will not be business as usual.
We are witnessing bribery and corruption increase exponentially as the Granger Administration plunders and squanders, making this behaviour the order of the day. After four years, the coalition Government failed to show any improvement in the country and is now trying to do damage control through bribery. Instead, our youths are without jobs and our pensioners are being cheated and robbed every day. At all of the public offices, citizens transacting business are being asked to leave a ‘lunch’ or a ‘raise’ in order to get the simplest of transactions done. Our Constitution is clear and with all the forces in and out of the country fully behind the constitutional requirements, it is time for us to demand free and fair elections.
The implications of the President’s actions and that of GECOM to date do not augur well for the necessary cohesion among our peoples. GECOM must be fully prepared to hold free and fair elections. Guyanese citizens must not accept an illegal Government and we must unite and stand up to protect our constitutional rights. Unless things change drastically by March 21, 2019, we must use the necessary measures to demonstrate, march and protest vehemently against this corrupt APNU/AFC cabal. This column supports heavy pressure and strong resistance to assert the rights of our citizens to this illegal APNU/AFC Government.
March 21, 2019 happens to be a blessed day, as Guyanese will be celebrating the national Hindu festival of Phagwah. Let us, therefore, have a peaceful day and be ready to support the imminent and seemingly inexorable revolution as we demand urgent free and fair elections.

Neil Kumar