Vikings, Sonics advance in 1st and 2nd Division games

GABA/Let’s Bet Sports Knockout Tournament…

The Guyana Amateur Basketball Association (GABA)/Let’s Bet Sports First and Second Division Knockout Tournament commenced under lights at the Burnham Hard Court, on Carmichael Street as the Vikings and Sonics advanced to the next round of the competition.

The Vikings defeated the Sonics 74-69 in Division 2 (Vikings)

In the first Second Division match-up of the night, Sonics lost to the Vikings 74-69 in a one-sided affair. At the beginning of the match, the Vikings had the upper hand and were able to maintain it throughout the first quarter leading 15-12. Going into the second quarter, the Vikings lost their way as they practically handed the Sonics the entire session 25-12, heading into the third period with the Sonics leading 37-24. But the Vikings pulled it back in the third quarter 19-11 as they put the rubber to the road and upped the ante on their play. With the score at 48-43 still favouring the Sonics, the Vikings were looking at a potential upset, but it was at that exact moment that they pulled the rug from under the feet of the Sonics as they switched gears, winning the final period 28-21 and securing another match against the Guardians. Top-scoring for the Vikings were Leon Lee and Jeffery Wilkinson with 17 and 8 points respectively, despite an effort from Sonics’ Shamar Anderson and Jacques Vincente with 20 and 11 points individually.
In the First Division, the Sonics brushed aside the Trojans 70-62. Heading into the first quarter the Trojans won 12-11 but only leading by one point meant that the window of opportunity was still open to anyone. The Sonics bounced back as they led the second half 23-16 to put themselves in contention for victory, but miraculously the Trojans won the third quarter 14-9 leaving the score still in favour of the Sonics at 43-42, heading into the final round. Eventually, the pressure got to the Trojans as they lost the final round 20-27 to hand the Sonics victory and their ticket into the next round of the tournament. The Sonics will now go on to play the Ravens.