Inaugural 3-hole golf tournament of Assuria General Insurance to play from March 10-13

Assuria General Insurance, always the leader in innovation, has partnered with Nexgen Golf Academy to host the “Just for Beginners” Golf Championships and bring golf to Georgetown once again.
Many years ago, golf was played in Thomas Lands and the National Park, but its recent resurgence in popularity will see it being played in the heart of the city once again, as the unique three-hole par 3 event will cater for players of every category, and be played under floodlit, cool night conditions at the Scouts Association of Guyana ground on Woolford Avenue.

General Manager of Assuria Insurance, Yogindra Arjune

Due to COVID guidelines, the “Just for Beginners” competition will run from March 10-13, lasting from 4pm to 8 pm each day. The tournament consists of three holes that are 145, 100 and 80 yards, and players will have to complete the hole by putting out. All equipment and balls will be provided free of cost to the participants, and at Assuria General’s request, there will be no tournament fee!
Prizes and trophies will be presented to best scores for Juniors Under 12, Under 21, Women’s and Men’s categories, and for beginners and recently started players who do not have a handicap rating.
General Manager of Assuria General, Yogindra Arjune, spoke about the impact the game has had on him personally, and the effects he was seeing nationally.
“I was introduced to the sport by Aleem two years ago, and been hooked on it ever since. It’s a game that makes you strive for betterment at every opportunity, similarly with our business, and we will continue to support the development, especially in the schools and new players,” he said.
Arjune welcomed the return of competitive golf to the centre of Georgetown by saying that change was necessary for the sport. “For far too long, we have accepted that golf should only be played a certain way and by a select group of persons. That is about to change in a dramatic way with the plans by The Guyana Golf Association, Nexgen Global, and support from hundreds of new players and sponsors!”
The three-hole championships will continue to be a part of golf development around the country, according to President of the GGA, Aleem Hussain.
“As we expand our facilities to Berbice, Essequibo, West Coast and Linden, our plan is to create leagues: inter-region, inter-company and parent-child activities, that will see everyone involved in the only fully COVID-19 compliant sporting activity,” he has said.
This tournament will be the first of many events that are aimed at allowing as many Guyanese as possible to experience the game at virtually no cost, with the ultimate goal of building a national team that would represent the country at the Olympics.
“The majority of our best athletes come from the persons who have the least opportunity, and this is why the extraordinary efforts are being made to allow everyone a chance to see if they have the potential,” Hussain has said.
The aim of this event is to get everyone to participate in physical activities and try something different that all ages can enjoy together.
Players would have 3 chances to win the Copa Airlines’ Roundtrip ticket during the competition.
Participants are asked to register in advance by calling 645-0944, or by visiting the Academy no later than March 9, so that proper arrangements and groupings can be made.