It is time for all Guyanese to stand up against racism

Dear Editor,
Ever since the conclusion of elections last year, we have seen the Coalition taking a stance and labelling the Government as being racist.
However, I am of the view that the biggest racists are the ones who like to point their fingers and call others racists.
The APNU+AFC camp is filled with such people. Time after time again, we see their leaders on social media ridiculing PPP/C supporters as being “trench crapauds”, and yet these same ‘leaders’ have the audacity to claim that they represent all Guyanese. Their behaviour reeks of hypocrisy.
Just recently, Amanza Walton-Desir appeared on a live programme with Dr. David Hinds, and she described PPP/C supporters, the majority of whom are of Indo-Guyanese ethnicity, as being “mentally lazy people”. She expressed the view that these supporters find it “burdensome to think for themselves”. Though she did not explicitly say it, it is anyone’s guess which group of persons she was referring to.
It is becoming evident day after day that many of these so-called leaders within the APNU+AFC hold similar views. Their mindset is one that says that Indians are below them, and are incapable of being independent and critical thinkers. How can these people even claim that they are a party that represents all Guyanese when that is how they view half of the population?
I express my utmost displeasure with Walton-Desir’s comment, and urge all right-minded Guyanese to do the same. Leaders should be able to guide their people in the right direction. They should have the interest of the people at heart.
Segregating people and having mindsets that place certain groups above others are not good traits. Racism and politics do not go hand in hand.
In my view, the APNU+AFC continues to show its inability to represent itself to Guyana as a progressive party. That is one of its many downfalls. It is time for all Guyanese to stand up against racism from the very people who promised to unite us.

Erin Northe