…for pole position
Your Eyewitness hates saying, “I told you so”!! Well…actually, not really, when it comes to the AFC! From the moment Khemraj Ramjattan joined up with the PNC — after insisting that if he did, the AFC would become “dead meat” — we knew Ramjattan and company –especially his new “company, Moses Nagamootoo — had thrown all principles overboard for what they thought was “pelf and power”.
Your Eyewitness had predicted that all they would ever get from the PNC was “larwah”, and boy, have they gotten this in the end!!
The AFC just announced that the “talks” to renegotiate a new Accord with the PNC – but mainly to settle the PM candidacy for any new coalition – had foundered on the same rocks your Eyewitness had pointed out the moment the AFC picked Ramjattan for the role. Imagine, the old agreement had EXPIRED, and the AFC was insisting its original terms should hold for the new one!! So why the heck were negotiations for a new agreement needed anyway? Especially when the LGE had exposed the AFC for being not only the predicted “dead meat”, but STINK and ROTTING dead meat at that!
But the AFC didn’t only say that the talks had collapsed, according to one report, they issued an ultimatum to the PNC: If their demand wasn’t met, they were going to walk out of the coalition!! Your Eyewitness is willing to bet dollars to donuts that the PNC brass are still ROLTF+LTAO – rolling on the floor laughing their asses off at that “threat”!!
Right off the bat, the question is: “Who from the AFC is even THREATENING to walk??” Trotman, at the head table, for sure ain’t going nowhere. Negotiator Patterson wasn’t even AT the table!!
Note how carefully Trotman parsed his comment: “I don’t see a better alternative to the Coalition, compromise has to be found on both sides. We have to do what is best in the national interest.” Nothing about sticking with his bete noir Ramjattan!! The question you may have, dear reader, is how come your Eyewitness knew what was going to happen so early in the day?? And the answer is: he knows the PNC!! They may call themselves PNCR or APNU or the Vatican, but one thing they can’t change is their nature; and that nature is “PNC don’t share no power”!!
Burnham never did with the UF, nor with Cheddi Jagan even after the latter gave him “critical support”. He exemplified in the PNC what’s been dubbed “the iron law of oligarchy”: In any organisation, power will inevitably accrete in a single person or small group.
And in the PNC, that ain’t never gonna be no outsider!!
Ramjattan, gwan da side!! You’ve been poled!!

…for rigging position
As your Eyewitness has been saying, the moment the new GECOM Chair made that decision to not scrap the H2H completely, or allow it to be completed, he smelled a rat. First of all, since the PPP hadn’t participated in the exercise, they’d always have a reason to object in the courts if the data were used. But this would mean a delay in the election’s date – which is what the PNC wants, especially since it would be precipitated by the PPP!! Like having your election and rigging it too!!
Then there was the decision to encode and print out the 370,000 names gathered from the aborted H2H exercise. To what end? The PNC’s Vincent Alexander said to use it as a “comparator” – that is, as a “standard” for comparing the names on the PLE!!! And how would this “comparator” process work? Electronically? Hanging it outside GECOM offices for the citizens to scrutinise like the C&O exercise used on the PLE??
We still don’t know! But what we know is “Something’s rotten in the state of GECOM!!

…for obesity and a heart attack
We spent $10.9 BILLION annually on imported snacks. Imagine that!! Just look at the waist sizes of the folks when you visit the mall, and you’ll see where it ends up!!