Land ahoy!!…

…for PNC cronies
When Columbus stumbled across the West Indies while searching for India, he started the largest land grab in the history of mankind. As soon as he spied a piece of land, he jumped off his ship, stuck a flag into the ground, and claimed even continents for the Queen of Spain. It would appear that the PNC’s giving ole Columbus a run for his money in the acquisition of land by fiat – but here, for their cronies and camp followers.
Imagine, two of the biggies in SARA – Phillips and Retemeyer – who’re supposed to RECOVER state resources, have been caught with their pants down doing the dirty in the land grab. Do these fellas have no shame for spending the last 4 years going after Jagdeo and some Govt officials for PURCHASING house lots at Pradoville II totalling 12 acres – when they were awarded THOUSANDS OF ACRES for peanuts?? Phillips, in particular, has been bitterly complaining about the PPP giving away the “patrimony” of Guyana. Is it now okay for him to be getting that patrimony in the form of 2000 acres of land, and not the African Guyanese constituency he claims to represent?? Or is this “reparation” for his service to the PNC’s cause?
And look at what kind of lands!! 80 acres at Bohemia to one Bristol, Project Director in the Ministry of the Presidency. Bohemia, dear readers, is right off the mouth of the Berbice River, a stone’s throw from the Berbice Bridge, and smack in the middle of where any refinery or gas-fired generator plant would be located. Can you imagine the BILLIONS these lands will soon be worth?? Now, these lands abut the Atlantic Ocean, and their rights extend to the foreshore, the extent of the land exposed at low tide.
Another crony actually was given 20 acres of foreshore at Schoonord, next to the present Demerara Harbour Bridge, and another 20 acres at Goed Fortuin. Note that these are lands extending into the River!!  Can the fishermen still dock their boats? These two plots are on either side of the proposed new DHB, which is to be located at Versailles, and you can imagine the inflation in the worth of those lands within five years. Additionally, now that the downstream eastern bank of the Demerara River is all sold out for support services to the oil industry, those lands on the western bank will now be in demand.
It’s almost an anti-climax to learn that some 10,000 acres were doled out to some “ex-PNC” MP in the Pomeroon. All the rest were tied in to the oil boom.
Is it that there’s been a new oil find off the Essequibo??

…and strategically placed
When someone from within a company uses knowledge gleaned from their insider position to trade in stocks, they’re breaking the law against “insider trading”. And in addition to massive punitive fines, they face some serious jail time! But what about folks in Government who’re privy to confidential info and then use it for their personal gains? Like if you know a refinery’s gonna be built at a certain spot and you buy the spot, which you can then resell for a massive profit?
Well, in the land of capitalism — the US — the Government deals with this possibility in its code of ethics for government workers. And right up front, this declares bluntly: “An employee may not use his official position, including information learned by virtue of his position, for his personal benefit or for the benefit of others.” And of course this brings us to the situation where all sorts of government employees – described above — were caught being granted swathes of land right into where the oil industry will be expanding.
Fit them with orange jump suits!!

…for one group
They say patriotism is the last resort of “scoundrels”. But how do you describe the government insider, caught with his pants down on the land deals, who resorts to “racial victimhood”??
Racial instigator?