Linden municipality seeks to partner with US Embassy in achieving SDGs

The Municipality of the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) is seeking to partner with the United States Embassy in achieving its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Last Thursday, newly appointed US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch paid a courtesy call to the office of Linden Mayor Waneka Arrindell, during which this among other initiatives was discussed.

US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch meets Linden Mayor Waneka Arrindell

The SDGs are a combination of 17 global goals set out by the United Nations General Assembly to be achieved by 2030. It includes, among other goals, the movement towards zero hunger, no poverty and gender equality, however, Arrindell said the Linden municipality will be working towards the goals of quality education, clean water and sanitation as well as sustainable communities and cities. This, she noted, was advanced during the meet with the Ambassador.
“We spoke about the Sustainable Development Goals that we want to start teaching to the community of Linden so as to change the perspectives of how we live… it talks about sustainable development, water and sanitation. And so we do want to embark on training within the schools in terms of disposal and separation of garbage within the school system, and of course, we want to look at branding in front of the market; that gives education to the people of Linden on what these Sustainable Development Goals are because, of course, Guyana has a target to meet by 2030 [which includes a] majority of these goals,” the Mayor said.
She added that the municipality will be looking at how Linden can play a major role, in terms of what can be changed within the community in order to have these targeted goals become a reality. Arrindell said since the Embassy has a strong focus on education, it is her hope that it continues to assist within the Linden school system in terms of the sanitation and waste management initiatives.
She noted that the two sides also engaged in talks about some of the projects which the Embassy is presently working along with the community on and continued collaboration.
“We spoke about how can we continue to collaborate. And so the Ambassador would have pledged her continued support. Since we got in here, the American Government has been working closely with Linden Mayor and Town Council. I’ve been able to receive a five weeks training on Local Government Management through the American Embassy. So there has been continued collaboration and I’m happy to know that that collaboration would continue throughout our stint as we work together with the Ambassador and with the Government of the United States of America”, Arrindell noted.
In outlining ongoing collaborations which fall under the US Embassy’s umbrella, the Mayor pointed to annual medical outreaches through the Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP). She said the team has also been assisting with sports development in terms of the distribution of sports equipment to various schools and community centres.
“…and I know that they’re continuing with some health work in Linden. They’re consistent, every six months there’s a new batch that comes in and every six months they work with us on some sort of project. This year, I think they have one more health programme to complete before they leave”, she noted.
Arrindell also alluded to the ongoing New Horizons projects in the community which will see the construction of a Women’s Home in Linden and two community centre grounds which have since commenced. She added that the Peace Corps has been re-introduced into the community after being absent for some time. This, she noted, consists of two teachers who are presently working within the school system.
“The Americans have been on the ground for a while now, in terms of giving and they’re supporting the Linden community, and of course, we must say how grateful we are for that,” Arrindell said. (Utamu Belle)