Local footballer set to launch business today

Only weeks ago, legendary West Indian batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan opened the doors to his very own restaurant and bar, along with it came some advice from Sarwan to local athletes. He urged them to become business savvy and plan before their retirement.

Jeremy Garrett

While this move comes long before his retirement from football, it seems that local baller Jeremy Garrett has taken heed of Sarwan’s wise words.
The 21-year-old ,who has represented Guyana at all levels in the national team programme, will today witness the grand opening of his very own business. Finish Line Express Delivery is the newest courier service on the block, specialising in the delivery of food and other packages.
When probed about the bold move, Garrett shared that it was something that he has always been intrigued by.
“I was always interested in business, any business that is. I’m a firm believer in getting things done and making money,” Garrett noted.
“But this time around, the pandemic hit and things were becoming a bit slow, monetarily that is and I had to sit and decide on what I wanted to do. You know because football isn’t playing, so what is it that I can do to make ends meet in this pandemic,” Garrett recounted, as he explained to Guyana Times Sport why he made the move.
Garrett detailed to this publication that he sought to find an area of business that he could improve upon in the Guyanese market.
“And it just hit me to launch a delivery service. I figured that that was an avenue here in Guyana that we certainly need or lack quality and efficiency and that’s what I’m going to bring to the table with my company.
“I hope to provide my customers with efficient service, customer-friendly based. I also hope to provide them,” the footballer explained.
When questioned about his focus on sport and whether this would hamper that, Garrett highlighted that his love for the sport and his support system would keep him hyper-focused.
“I don’t think running a business will distract me from sport because I’m not alone, I have the support. So, I don’t think that it would distract me that much from my sport,” Garrett replied.
“From the academic side, yes, I’m always looking to further my academics. This is just an avenue, a long-term something, this is not just something for tomorrow. My academics will always be priority, so this business wouldn’t affect it in any way,” the new GDF player shared.
The defensive maestro is of the belief that business is something anyone can step into.
“Honestly, I think business is an avenue that everybody can explore, not only athletes. A lot of persons tend to have the idea to venture off into their own stuff, either being the head of an organisation in whatever they’re involved in.
“So for me, yes I would say that more athletes should be involved, but everyone isn’t the same. Thing might be different for me, or it might be different for them; however, I think everyone – not only athletes – should be involved in business,” Garrett concluded.
Jeremy Garrett’s business can be found on social media sites Facebook and Instagram, and contact numbers are 592-226-9114 and 592-683-8796. (Jemima Holmes)