Looking back…

…at bullsh*t politics
Caretaker President Granger continues with the bullsh*tting that has characterised his regime for the entire 2019 as he fought off the successful Opposition NCM of Dec 21, 2018. He allowed that GECOM had satisfied him that it had a “credible” voters’ list and as such, he would dissolve Parliament and the NDCs tomorrow. So what happened to his insistence that the list drawn from the NRR was “bloated” by some 200,000 names and as such, a $4 billion H2H exercise was necessary??
In fact, all that exercise did was ADD some 10,000 names to the “bloating”!! At the time, the Opposition Leader had indignantly exclaimed that Granger was “lying”! But your Eyewitness explained that “Granger wasn’t lying, he was bullshitting,” and that’s a crucial distinction we Guyanese will have to appreciate in this “post-truth” era of politics the PNC has plunged us into. The Princeton philosopher Harry Frankfurt originally made this distinction between lying and bullshitting: You lie when you know the facts, but you misstate them to score “points”. Bullshitting, however, is when you don’t give a damn about what you are saying; you just speak for effect! As Frankfurt showed, bullshitting is worse than lying, especially with people in authority, because of the possible consequences.
With politicians like Granger – in line with the other bullshitters that have taken over in the US and UK— they’re actually speaking for the effect of “gas-lighting” their followers. That is, convincing them the reality and truth they’re experience isn’t REALLY so! Their followers end up doubting their own sanity and believing something’s wrong with THEM.
Take the CCJ ruling on the cases the PNC and Granger brought: every supporter of the PNC KNOWS to their soul that the argument of 33 not being the majority of 65 was pure bullshit! But Granger and his myrmidons (look it up!!) spread the bullshit so thick that those supporters started disbelieving what they knew from Lil ABC – that 33 is greater than 32!! That’s gas-lighting!! So now those supporters are angry at the PPP for “winning” a case which should’ve never been brought!!
Ditto on the unilateral appointment of Patterson, a poseur and charlatan of the first order, who claimed his pen had “slipped” when he wrote on his resume that he’s been Chief Justice of Grenada!! Which Guyanese didn’t know the Constitution was amended so that Presidents couldn’t, like Burnham, choose the GECOM Chair on their lonesome!! And even after Patterson proved he was Granger’s myrmidon par excellence, those PNC faithful now FEEL they wuz robbed! Bullshitted and gas-lighted!!
The bullshitting started from the moment the PNC convinced the AFC they’d share power with them!! Nagamootoo and Ramjattan are still thoroughly gas-lighted!!
Bullshitters bullshitting bullshitters!!

…at the minnows
With less than two weeks to Nomination Day, your Eyewitness wants all the newly-sprouted parties to look at what happened to all their predecessors.
Clinging on to PNC with one survivor from each left standing!!