During the riots which they’re infamous for when out of office — to intimidate the PPP to get back in — PNC supporters routinely loot business houses in the city with frenetic abandon. Skinny fellas who’d balk at fetching a basket for a fee run with massive refrigerators on their backs like those appliances are made of feathers!! These looters, however, are mostly from the lumpen elements that abound in the darker urban sections, and they seize the opportunity to “make their hand” when called upon by the PNC enforcement bureau.
Back in the day, Hamilton Green earned his spurs as a leading light of the latter office, to be succeeded by Corbin, as the millennium rolled around and Green was defanged by Hoyte. But once in office, the PNC culture of looting not only continues unabated, but increases exponentially. However, this time, the looters aren’t the lumpen centipedes, but the white-collared ones placed into office. They loot with such abandon that it’s clear they wished they had the guts to run off with some of the aforementioned refrigerators!!
Sadly, most commentators, including your Eyewitness, whitewash the white-collar looters as indulging in “corruption”, which somehow suggests that it’s just a lapse in moral judgement, rather than a wilful grabbing of property that’s not theirs and running off with it. It’s nothing of the sort; and it’s time we stop insulting the lower classes and call out the big ones from the PNC for the common looters they are.
Take Simona “I is” Broomes, for instance, who started out with a borderline case, then went on to bigger lootings. The moment the PNC let her get away with being a Minister of Natural Resources, claiming she had no mining interests, when all she’d done was transfer ownership of the leases, dredges etc to her son and daughter, she became emboldened. She looted millions from the treasury by renting luxury houses in the city rather than staying at Government-owned apartments, because, coming from the bush, she had to be housed.
Bolstered further, she then conducted various and sundry shakedowns on folks in the interior under the cover of her ministerial positions and TIP reputation. Finally, we hear of $20 million being transferred from a Ministry of the Presidency account to Broomes’s aforementioned children. There’s no disguising that final act of barefaced looting, which led to a public outcry! So the PNC sets up a one-man “Board of Inquiry” using an old PNC diehard. What a joke!! Who’d they think they’re fooling?
And we don’t have the space to get around the looting by PNC’s Bobby Vieira (transmission towers; Carnival franchise); London’s Jubilee Park; Larry’s warehouse etc etc.
Next up is ballot looting!!

…by Patterson
While David Patterson came into Government from the AFC, he took to the PNC’s ways like duck to water, and started looting like he’d been practising all his life. Which he very well might have been doing, seeing he was a “quantity evaluator”; you know, those folks who sign off on the “value” of property being sold, and whose first question to the client is “How much do you want it to be valued at?”
Patterson was called in to save the PNC blushes when the PNC’s Lt Col (retd) Larry London’s company, HDI, collected over $600 million to build Jubilee Park, but couldn’t show anything but some rotten wood. Following that master shyster, Patterson then claimed he’d spent another billion-plus dollars to complete the project. Four years later, he still hasn’t provided the Auditor General with info on where the money went!!
Emboldened, he bypassed the NPTAB instructions to retender the design for the new DHB and handed it to a Dutch company, LievenseCSO, spending twice the money budgeted for a 19th century design!

And now SOCU’s exculpated him!!

…and nixing Nagamootoo
Trying desperately to woo delegates, Nagamootoo rescinded Duncan’s dismissal from the Chronic for the latter’s G/t support base. After Harmon said only a Board can rehire a fired employee, Nagamootoo insisted this didn’t “negativise” his directive”!
Nixing isn’t “negativising”??