Magic wand in 100 days

Dear Editor,
The barefaced and brazen display by the APNU of yet another attempt to not only fool its supporters, but to make yet another attempt to make our country ungovernable, will most certainly add to its already badly emaciated public image which its members worked at laboriously to destroy for five long months after the PPP/C had won the 2020 Elections.
This time, they want Guyanese to believe that after 100 days in office, the PPP/C Government has done nothing for Guyanese. They even had the audacity to make that blatantly deceitful statement in their protest. However, they must now realise that no one believes them anymore. The asininity which pervades the ‘intelligentsia’ of the PNC-dominated APNU is beyond anyone’s comprehension when they said, “We have seen the extent of the PPP’s failure to govern our beautiful country”.
Are these people from the real world? What the PPP/C Government has done in 100 days would have taken APNU 100 years to achieve. in fact, in just five years, they have destroyed everything good in our beautiful country. Everything which the PPP/C had worked for was almost dissipated. In fact, in just 100 days, APNU had begun to reverse the progress that the PPP had made, and began an insane lust to enrich not only themselves, but their families and friends. The humongous salary increases, the increasing taxes, and the removal of subsidies to pensioners and grants to students are just a few.
This country owes an eternal debt to Dr Jagdeo, who not only exposed them, but charted the course to remove them from office.
During their tenure, they ensured that they emptied the Treasury and depleted all the reserves, including gold and foreign exchange. And as if that were not enough, they raked up an overdraft of over $90 billion. In totality, the Coalition squandered nearly $2 trillion in five years, with nothing to show except closure of the estates, the dismissal of tens of thousands of workers, skyrocketing corruption in an unprecedented scale, and the pauperisation of the majority of Guyanese.
Moreover, to add insult to injury, they held this nation hostage for 5 months, illegally trying to continue devastating this nation. The ills they have foisted on this nation are too numerous to mention. Volumes have already been written about the destruction and the corruption of the Coalition, so I will not venture into a long dissertation.
I was aghast when I saw that the Coalition was blaming the PPP/C for the increase in COVID-19 deaths. What had they done from January to August? I will answer that question: They did nothing, except trying every illegality to remain in power! During that time, they used the pandemic to enrich themselves and cronies. This brings to mind the Ocean View fiasco, which saw $1.6 billion being squandered to produce a ‘shell’, not a hospital. Whilst trying madly to hold on to power, they were at the same time thieving left, right and centre. Fortunately, the PPP/C has now turned this around into the facility which it ought to be to fight this dreaded disease. Imagine, the Coalition even used our misery to steal. If the PPP/C was in Government just after the March 2nd Elections, they would have stemmed the increase in deaths and infections we are now seeing. Now the Coalition are throwing their filth at the PPP/C Government.
Since assuming office in August, the Government has done wonders. Apart from doing a lot more tests, the Government has allocated $150 million to our frontline health workers; and ventilators, oxygen concentrators and other equipment necessary for treating patients have been received and are being operationalised. The Government has retrofitted the Infectious Diseases Hospital and improved the capacity of regional hospitals to treat coronavirus patients. In addition, Guyana is in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The Government is now cleaning the garbage and the criminality which the Coalition bequeathed to the Guyanese nation!
Moreover, instead of hosting shows and sharing free tickets to bribe the people, this caring Government gave every household $25,000 which brought smiles to those who are affected by the virus, and the Coalition-induced depressive state of the economy. I am sure those who were protesting the PPP/C’s 100 days in office gleefully received their monies as well. Again, I will not repeat the many benefits and immediate reliefs which the 2020 Budget brought to Guyanese, our lives are already improving due to these measures, and soon the closed sugar factories will once again be belching smoke as GuySuCo progresses to prosperity.
I firmly believe the President when he emphatically said, “Guyanese can look forward to a better life under the PPP/C Administration. Despite the monumental challenges which we faced, we have defied expectations and delivered progress.”
Let the Opposition be a meaningful one, which can work towards progress and prosperity of all Guyanese, instead of continuing its journey of destructive politics. Stop trying to fool your supporters again and again.

Yours sincerely,
Haseef Yusuf