Mandir location mislabelled and misleading on Google Maps

Dear Editor,
In this NauRatri period, when we worship the Divine Mother, the members of the Kailash Yaatra Ashram and the members of the Guyana Maha Kali organisation would like to inform the general public of the following:
1. We have recognized, on Google Maps, two locations in Timehri, Guyana labelled “Kali (voodoo) temple” and “Kali (black magic) temple”.
2. It is well known that the Divine Mother has nothing to do with either black magic or voodoo, which are practised by worshippers of other faiths. Therefore, this location is mislabelled and misleading on Google Maps.
3. We are asking the devotees of Maa Kali to stand with us as we protect, defend and preserve the name and the characteristics of the Divine Mother.
4. We will be taking further action on this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Pandit Balram
Persaud Budhu
Kailash Yaatra