Marian Academy wins Nations’ Inter-School Chess Invitational

Marian Academy emerged victorious at the National Chess Inter-school Invitational, hosted by the School of the Nations on March 26, 2024.
The tournament, which attracted 50 participants, aimed to ignite a passion for chess among beginners and intermediate players.
In a surprising outcome, Queen’s College secured second place, tying with the host school. However, the individual champion title belonged to Queen’s College’s Mahir Rajkumar, who dominated the field with six wins and a single draw. Marian Academy dominated the remaining top spots, with 12-year-old Alek Ubaldo Singh and 14-year-old Micaiah Enoe taking the second and third places in the male division. The top female players were all from Marian Academy – Chelsea Harrison (10 years old); Kristen Xavier (14 years old), and Tharisha Montes DeOca.
Marian Academy’s chess team’s success highlights the school’s enduring commitment to chess development, particularly among beginners and intermediates. Their strong performance begs the question: who will be the next chess prodigy to emerge?

A look at the prize winners after the Nations’ Inter-School Invitational

The tournament also awarded top finishers in each age category. Jaden Jagoo claimed the Under-18 title, while Samuel Barkoye and Tremusa Marshall secured first and second place in the Under-16 category. Omar Shariff and Tejasvarun Kandavel emerged victorious in the Under-14 division, with Julian Mohabir and Javier Davenand taking the top spots for Under-12 players.
Beyond competition, the event fostered connections between established chess powerhouses and young bloods in the community.

With the essential backing of the Guyana Chess Federation, the School of the Nations rolled out the royal treatment, enlisting the expertise of National Arbiter Odit Rodrigues to assist their very own chess teacher, Oluwadare Oyeyipo, in orchestrating this grand event.

The participants in the recently-concluded Nations’ Inter-School Invitational

Oyeyipo invited local chess royalty – Women’s Champion Jessica Callender, Junior Champion Keron Sandiford, and former Junior Champion Ricardo Narine to supervise and ensure fair play throughout the competition as official arbiters.
But the School of the Nations have more than just victory on their minds. By integrating chess into their primary curriculum, they’ve become trailblazers in Guyana, offering their students a clear path to success from an early age. It’s a move that will hopefully shake up the academic scene favouring the growth of chess.
As the chess pieces advance across the board and with new alliances formed, one thing is certain: the world of chess is reaching a boiling point in Guyana, which is sure to produce many more competitions and subsequent champions on the chessboard of Guyana’s future.
The Guyana Chess Federation is delighted with the initiative of School of the Nations as the tournament was organised by the young people within the federation. Federation President Anand Raghunauth lauded the success of the tournament and encouraged similar events which will promote a competitive chess environment among beginners of the game.