Marriott Guyana committed to providing top-notch service to hospitality sector

…will accommodate 7 cooks for internship programme

The Marriott Guyana is committed to providing top-notch services to the hospitality sector, and being the pioneer in hospitality, it is committed to ensuring professionals in the hospitality and tourism sector are given the opportunity to learn, experience, and grow in the industry.

The Marriott Hotel kitchen team

Since the Marriott Guyana Hotel commenced operating six years ago, the team has provided growth and first-class service to its customers. Employees are consistently trained with the skill set to execute service and “the art of hosting”.
With this being said, the Guyana Marriott Hotel has accommodated an average of 45 people through its internship programme, giving them the opportunity to work alongside experts in the industry.
The goal of this programme is to pass knowledge down from decades of experience gathered by the Marriott family.
Working with local talent has supplemented the hotel’s goal of contributing to the growth of the region’s tourism and hospitality sector. Sixty per cent of the property’s chefs are trained by the Carnegie School of Home Economics, and, most recently, they have accommodated a six-week internship programme for young professionals with the Education Ministry.
“Marriott Guyana’s mission is to support the local community,” General Manager of Marriott Guyana, Eduardo Reple, has said. “Marriott Guyana’s goal is to train and develop local talent; give them a career opportunity; exposure to other hotels within the group, so they can benchmark other successful operations in the region with ours, and slowly replace the existing expat team of directors, managers, and supervisors with local talent,” he added.
Marriott Guyana has a longstanding partnership with the Carnegie School of Home Economics, a technical culinary service and housekeeping school associated with the Education Ministry. Over the years, this relationship has contributed to the transfer of technical on-the-job experience and skills in the areas of different operational disciplines.
In 2021, Marriott Guyana was able to have an average of seven students every six months undergoing an in-depth practical three-month internship. Thirty-three per cent of Marriott Guyana’s kitchen team graduated from Carnegie School of Home Economics. Additionally, 19 per cent of the property’s cooks were recruited from previous internship programmes, and were offered permanent positions.
“Inside Marriott International, our talents have access to resources to continue their formation in different hospitality areas,” Reple stated, while noting that, “As part of our people-first culture, we want personal growth to be an essential part of every associate’s career path, which is why Marriott International offers ongoing training to all associates through our Associates Opportunity Program. Personal Growth (PGO) helps associates channel their desire to grow personally and professionally. Our Digital Learning Zone, the cornerstone of our Personal Growth Program, is a personalised learning platform that serves as a central access point to all Marriott learning content, and enables professional growth and development.”
For more details on the hotel’s internship programme, contact the Human Resource Department, Marriott Guyana, on telephone number 231-2480.