Miss Jamzone 2023 to promote mental health of mothers during reign

The beautiful Trevlind Harry won the Miss Jamzone 2023 title in August, and she is set to spend her year of reign promoting wealth and health tourism through her project, “Welcome to Motherhood.”
“I want to use this pageant because it is a tourism pageant, and I want to push wealth and health tourism because I am a nurse and I don’t think we, Guyanese, take our health the way we’re supposed to…,” Harry disclosed. “So, I’ll be using this year and this platform to do just that,” Harry recently told Guyana Times.

“[My] project [is one] where we try to help young mothers get their (lives) back on a progressive path. I want to merge health and wellness tourism, where we’re going to focus on mothers with mental health issues, because we do have a lot of mothers who go through things like postpartum depression,” she explained further.
While Harry noted there may be other programmes that deal with this topic, she hopes that, given her new platform and her knowledge as a nurse at the West Demerara Regional Hospital, she can bring more awareness to improving the mental health practices of young mothers.
The usually highly anticipated Miss Jamzone Pageant forms part of HJ’s Jamzone Summer Break, and had previously been reported to create opportunities for tourism, promote societal connections, and encourage self-confidence among young women. Applications for the 2023 pageant were opened in April, and some 80 applications were narrowed down to 17, with the final nine being selected after a round of online voting. Those nine persons had moved on to compete at the final event on August 27 at the Splashmins Resort on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway.
A resident of the sugar-producing community of Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara, Harry had not only won the pageant, but had also earned recognition in the categories of Miss I Can and I Will, Best Talent, and Best Fantasy Swimsuit.
“My journey was not easy. That’s how I took the prize of ‘I Can, and I Will’, because I had a lot of hurdles that I had to get over,” Harry said, noting that juggling her time between her job and the pageant was her biggest challenge.
Her fantasy wear was created by Guyanese designer Randy Madray, and was titled “Coils of Guyana”. Consisting of vibrant hues of red and tinges of fiery orange, yellow and black, the long-sleeved ensemble had displayed a 3D rhinestone snake complemented by jewels of the rainforest, home of the Giants, Harry had previously explained.