Monarch Creations by Tricia Azaire

Her eye-catching designs have caused many to marvel where does she find the inspiration or the time to produce such painstakingly neat and evocative embroidery-based, hand-crafted tablecloths, runners, placemats, ornaments, wall hangings, pillows and bags.  But for Tricia Azaire, meticulousness and dedication are second nature.doll-2 doll-3 doll
With a full-time job as an accounts executive at John Fernandes, the busy mother of two, known for her serious, no-nonsense yet warm nature, is letting her creative and artistic side fly in the business she set up two years ago to supplement her income.
A lover of beautiful things, especially homes, Azaire was inspired to venture into the world of home décor after coming across a beautifully designed table runner – which she really liked – from Martha Stewart with a price that made her jaw drop. “I said to myself, what! I can do that.” And her family and friends certainly agreed – her runners and table cloths were just as beautiful and to top it off, they were handmade with love. After rave views, Azaire decided to venture out into wider markets and display her creations on her Facebook page which has led to other commissions, particularly for Christmas and other festive occasions.
As the festive season fast approaches, the Farm, East Bank Demerara resident is gearing for a busy time, but says the amount of time she spends craft each individual piece is such that she has a limited collection available.  “The most unique characteristic of my work is that it is handmade, so no two things are the same. The customer has the option to request a specific colour, size, theme, etc.”
Opening up about finding time for her creative projects, Azaire said: “The act of juggling family, formal employment and my work is no easy task, but the most rewarding feeling is finding a comfortable balance. My approach to this, in the words of Charles Dickens, which I fully endorse are, “Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do well; whatever I have devoted myself to completely; in great aims and in small, I have always been thoroughly earnest.””
She added that her daughters were her biggest inspiration:  “… their confidence, faith and trust are the sources of my strength, inspiration and perseverance”.
The former Queen’s College student says she has learnt in the process of running her business that “everyone has a gift/talent and once discovered and pursued with passion, it is the very tool for self-development and improvement. Only you can expand and push it to its highest potential. Mine is still a work in progress”. She hopes to one day expand the home-based venture into a little shop with a line of elegant handmade home décor products.
Azaire’s main challenges are difficulty getting materials for the crafts and the lack of knowledge of the value and appreciation of handmade products. “Hopefully, as the country develops, that will change.” Stressing that originality was the most important quality of an entrepreneur – either creating something entirely new or giving something a new twist, she noted that in terms of assistance, businesspeople needed “exactly what your daily is doing ….giving them coverage to raise awareness of their initiatives.  Establishing options for those that may not have no capital, no collateral but have great unique ideas”.
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