Trump’s victory stunned the world, but it’s Hillary who lost

Dear Editor,

Nearly all the newspapers and media houses throughout the world carried reports of Donald Trump’s spectacular and stunning victory in Tuesday’s US Presidential Election, but in my view it was not really victory for Trump, but it was a stunning defeat for Hillary Clinton – the Americans were and are fed-up with the corruption and wrongdoings with the lawmakers in Washington. They wanted a change from the “hand wash hand” happenings… where big donors get favours from the lawmakers.

They wanted someone outside the administration. Although Trump’s track record is not excellent, they never the less prefer him than Hillary, who has been accused of gross dishonesty – washing sensitive emails, lying under oath, collecting funds from terrorist countries for the Clinton Foundation, the Benghazi fiasco, using Foundation funds for her daughter’s wedding and other wrongdoings.

Clinton was hoping to get full support from African Americans and Latinos, but she only received some support, not enough to push her over the line, although she spent more than $2 billion, I repeat two billion dollars, and received full support from outgoing President Barak Obama, the First Lady and Vice President Biden who campaigned vigorously for her, while on the other hand Trump was denied support from top Republicans Mitt Romney, John McCain, the Bushes, and many others. Only Rudy Giuliani former Mayor of New York, Newt Gingrich former Speaker, as well as Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey showed their support.

Although it was a bitter campaign, President-elect Trump at his victory speech in the wee hours of Wednesday called for unity and said he was prepared to work with the Democrats to make America great again. Clinton in her concession speech said that the defeat was painful, but also called for unity and said that she offered the President-elect to work for a better country and outgoing President Obama, who is known to be at “war” with Trump, also called for a harmonious working relation and a smooth transition. He added that the rule of law must be maintained. He said that he will gracefully hand over the baton for the new President to continue the race for success.Most of the Guyanese/Caribbean Americans are democrats, but I have no doubt that they will give full support to the new President, a businessman, who was not a politician before he entered the race less than two years ago.


Oscar Ramjeet