Motorcyclist killed after slamming into lorry

– pillion rider stable

A popular motorcyclist, Devon Hopkinson, also known as “Wild Buck” was killed just after midnight on Thursday after his motorcycle collided with a motor lorry in the vicinity of Pearl on the East Bank of Demerara.

Dead: Devon Hopkinson

Reports are that Hopkinson, 33, of Lot 31 Railway Line, Kitty, Georgetown, was returning home around 12:45h when tragedy struck.
According to the police, the driver of the motor lorry and trailer was attempting to turn into a lumberyard when Hopkinson failed to stop and crashed his motorcycle CD 7536 into the truck.
Hopkinson, as well as his female pillion rider, was picked up and rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where he later succumbed to his injuries.
His reputed wife, Lesa Kellman, told Guyana Times that she received a call from a woman who informed her of the accident. According to her, the now dead man went to “check up” on their house in Soesdyke, EBD.
Kellman explained that as she arrived at the medical facility, she saw her husband’s wounds and realised that he was in pain. According to her, he tried speaking to her but was unable to due to his condition.
A few minutes later, Kellman said, she was informed that he did not make it. In the meanwhile, the pillion rider was treated and discharged from the facility.
The dead man’s wife said she was told by the young woman that the truck driver did not indicate that he was turning.
“The girl stated that when they were coming down, the truck was turning to go into the sawmill but he did not put on his indicator so by time he realise the truck was turning, for he to pull brakes he didn’t make it in time and collide with the truck,” she explained.
On the other hand, the now dead man was seen partying at the Soesdyke Junction. In addition, he was seen riding towards the house that he purportedly went to check. As he was making his way back to the Soesdyke Junction, he was reportedly seen doing “stunts”.
On this note, it is believed that the man might have been speeding along the East Bank roadway when the accident occurred.
Hopkinson was a mechanic and a father of five. He leaves to mourn his young children aged four and two years old with Kellman. His youngest child is just two months old.
The dead man’s mother, Lorna Atkinson, is calling for justice for her son’s death. She said her son was a very experienced and careful rider as he has been riding since the age of 18.
A breathalyser test was conducted on the driver of the motor lorry, a 36-year old resident of Kuru-Kuru, Soesdyke Linden Highway, and it proved that he was over the prescribed limit of alcohol consumption.
He is presently in Police custody assisting with the investigation.