MPs should be concerned with issues, rather than name calling

Dear Editor,
In a democracy such as ours, where we have a Government and an Opposition, we expect, as a fifty-five-year-old nation, more mature and civil engagements, particularly when there is disagreement. The current attacks are crass and unbecoming.
A recent example is the video released on social media. We condemn all persons who were involved in the making and dissemination of this video. What is disappointing is the role of the women who participated in the creation of the featured song, which was aimed at disparaging a female Minister.
We have fought for the right of women to be in decision-making. Instead of name calling, MPs should be more concerned with issues that ensure the rights of all citizens are respected, and that the developmental trajectory of this country is accelerated.
Guyana has an admirable record of recognising women’s rights, and much work has been done to increase the stature of Guyanese women. We should encourage and support all women who are in the corridors of power seeking to craft policies and legislation to advance our society. The Commission is concerned that the current atmosphere would act as a deterrent to young women aspiring to hold public office.
We call on the Parliament of Guyana to discipline the sitting MPs who engage in disparaging behaviour. We also call for the Police to investigate any offence committed under the Cybercrime Act.

Women & Gender
Equality Commission