Namilco renews cricket sponsorship of RHTY&SC cricket teams

– Sukhai hails performance of club

The highly successful relationship between the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, MS, and the National Milling Company of Guyana (Namilco) was on Monday last expanded for another year, as the company renewed its sponsorship of the Under 21 and First Division teams in the RHTY&SC to the tune of $400,000.
Namilco came on board as the official sponsor of these teams in 2019, replacing Gizmos and Gadgets.

RHTYSC Hilbert Foster receives sponsorship from Namilco Managing Director Bert Sukhai in the presence of company officials Fitroy Mcleod and Alicia Anderson

Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC, Hilbert Foster, hailed the renewal of the sponsorship as another major development as the two teams prepare for the restart of the Berbice Cricket Board’s 2020 cricket season. Foster disclosed that the two teams had exceeded the expectations of the Club Management by performing outstandingly well on and off the cricket field over the last twelve months.
The Under 21 team is waiting to play in the BCB Elizabeth Styles under 21 finals, while the First Division team won three cricket tournaments and has to date reach the semifinals of the BCB/Banks Beer two days’ tournament.
The team won the BCB Busta Champion of Champions 40 overs, Ivan Madray 20/20, and the Sky Vodka 50 overs’ tournaments as it continued its domination of the game in Berbice.
Many of its players have gone on to play for Berbice, Guyana, and the West Indies, including Clinton Pestano, Kevin Sinclair, Kelvon Anderson, Jonathan Rampersaud and Mahendra Gopilall, Jeremy Sandia, Christopher Deroop, Matthew Pottaya, Nyron Hicks, Shemaine Campbelle, Sheneeta Grimmond and Shabika Gajnabi, while Assad Fudadin played for Jamaica.
Off the cricket field, the Namilco Thunderbolt teams were involved in over seventy community developmental programmes as part of their personal development project. These included youth information booklet, Namilco Tribute to Law Enforcement Officers, Namilco Tribute to Medical Workers, COVID-19 Educational posters, DTV Mother of the Year, Walter Nero Mother of the Year, Basil Butcher Trust Fund, and COVID-19 hampers project.

Hilbert Foster hands over COVID-19 educational posters to Namilco Managing Director Bert Sukhai

Additionally, the teams distributed millions of dollars’ worth of bicycles, educational materials, school bags, score books, cricket gears, cricket balls and stumps to less fortunate youths and clubs in Berbice.
Foster has said that the ten cricket teams of the RHTY&SC are currently preparing to host their largest-ever Christmas Charity programme, and he has assured the Namilco management that the RHTY&SC appreciates their support.
He said the two teams would continue to represent the Namilco Thunderbolt Flour brand with pride, discipline, and positive results on the cricket field.
Namilco Managing Director Bert Sukhai congratulated the club and the two teams on their outstanding performance, and said the company was delighted that its faith was repaid. He urged the players to maintain a culture of discipline, hard work and dedication, and said that Namilco believes in excellence and expects nothing less.
Sukhai also expressed pleasure at the large amount of personal development programmes undertaken by the teams under the name of the sponsorship.
The Namilco Thunderbolt First Division team would be led in 2021 by Eon Hooper, with Shawn Pereira as his vice-captain, while Kelvon Anderson would lead the Under 21 team, and have Junior Sinclair as his deputy. The team management would consist of Ravindranauth Kissonlall, Simon Naidu and Tyrone Pottaya.
The teams have committed themselves to continue their dominance of Berbice cricket, and also to complete at least 80 programmes in the next twelve months. After receiving the sponsorship cheque, Foster handed over copies of a COVID-19 educational poster which the teams sponsored.