Nasrudeen Jr Mohamed set to ignite Renault Sport Megane Trophy

Powered by Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and AJM Enterprise, renowned businessman Nasrudeen Jr Mohamed will be hoping to ignite the South Dakota Circuit in the Renault Sport Megane Trophy today (Sunday April 21). This event will be the opening round of the GMRSC Circuit Championship.
Mohamed, under his Jumbo Jet and AJM brands, is known for horse racing and cricket, but has now spread his wings to circuit racing. He will be representing team One Guyana, which features nine cars and five drivers.
Renault Megane, recently acquired by Nasrudeen Jr Mohamed from Franklyn Boodram (Trinidad), will be driven by Anand Ramchand #911. And now powered by S.C.I, will be participating in Group 4 for the first time. Driver Anand anticipates victory, and will be touring throughout the Caribbean with his Megane.
Toyota Starlet driver Anand Ramchand will be participating in the Starlet Cup, and is powered by S.C.I. Anand mentioned he was two points short of holding the championship last year, and he is confident of going all the way this year.
Toyota Starlet driver Raymond Seebarran #72 (Starlet Cup) is powered by AJM Enterprise, and will also debut
Honda Civic EK driver Nasrudeen Jr Mohamed #125 is also powered by AJM Enterprise (in Group 2). Mohamed, who recently acquired the Honda Civic EK, will be participating in this class for a second time. He noted that with more track time under his belt, he is more prepared.

Nasrudeen Mohamed Jr will be on show at South Dakota Circuit today

“Been a while since I’ve won in this class, as I (have) always driven a Toyota. I have now upgraded to better in this group. The lap time and handling couldn’t have been better,” Mohamed said.
Toyota Levin driver Adrian Fernandes #211, powered by S.C.I. & Team Wrecker Sports Tuner class, drove this class for many years. He had some of the fastest times in this class, and won some endurance championship for a few years.
Toyota Levin Driver Ravindra Dharamjit 522, (sports tuner class) is powered by S.C.I. and Team Wrecker. He will now be going up from street tuner class to sports tuner class for the first time, and is expected to do well driving a fully stocked Toyota.
Toyota Levin driver Andre Rochford #777 from Trinidad & Tobago is in Rookie class and sports tuner. He is also powered by AJM. This is Andre’s first official race. He will be driving both classes, with one car to try and get experience on the track and one day become a senior driver like the rest of his team.
Toyota Vits driver Zafiro Luis #515 hails from Cuba. He will be driving in the Street tuner class Powered by S.C.I. & Team Wrecker. He comes with a great deal of experience in Go-carting, where most formula 1 drivers come from. He started racing cars at South Dakota one year ago.
With only one year’s experience, he has had a few wins under his belt.
Team ‘One Guyana’ has the most cars as a team, and is formulated by 3 companies. JumboJet Auto Sales, AJM Enterprise, S.C.I & Ramchand Auto Body and Wrecker Services. All have one vision to grow motor sport, not only by having lots of cars, but improving our local drivers.