National Sports Awards format and criteria to be reviewed and improved

The National Sports Awards returned this year after a long hiatus owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to the National Sports Commission (NSC), it has decided to build on what it has and hence, a review exercise will be implemented to analyse the overall criteria utilised for selection of the recipients of the National Sports Awards.
Director of Sport (DoS), Steve Ninvalle stated that the assessment procedure would be undertaken by a high-calibre panel comprising media experts and operatives, as well as experienced sports administrators and aficionados. The group will be meeting next week to commence the process, which will be thorough to ensure any inadequacies are remedied.
According to Ninvalle, “The panel, which is of the highest competence, and is littered with media experts and sports enthusiasts, will be meeting next week to analyse the entirety of the selection criteria and will make recommendations if shortcomings are identified, for possible amendments.
“The objective is to ensure that the selection process is not only transparent, but can stand up to the highest level of scrutiny and examination on the local and international scene. The importance of the selection criteria must be reflected. That narrative must never be called into question.
“Ultimately, this assessment process is about possibly enhancing and amending the rules that are employed for selection if deficiencies are recognised. Some areas for analysis have already been earmarked by the panel, and discourse will occur on the way forward if amendments are required. There is no point in waiting until next year to undertake the procedure, which can be reinforced now ahead of the next awards ceremony. This exercise will encompass the entirety of the National Sports Award selection platform,” Ninvalle further said.
Meanwhile, he explained that Culture, Youth and Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr, who applauded the work undertaken by the panel during the 2022 National Sports Awards, has disclosed that the pending edition would be completely overhauled and upgraded to reflect his vision of a gala, red-carpet affair.