New govt needed to advance security, prosperity for Guyana

– says Chair of US Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere

United States (US) Senator and one-time Republican Presidential Candidate, Marco Rubio has urged that the US stand in support of Guyana as it heads to election and seeks to elect a new Government.

Bank of Guyana

President David Granger
US Senator, Marco Rubio

The Senator made this call in a tweet from one of his official accounts on Monday. According to the Senator, he is looking forward to the democratic electoral process in Guyana, which he referred to as the US’ “important regional ally”.
“It’s in our strong interest to stand in support of the Guyanese people, as they seek to elect a new Government that can advance their security and prosperity,” the US Senator also said in his tweet.
In a message on his social media account referring to Rubio, Private Sector Commission (PSC) Chairman, retired Captain Gerry Gouveia echoed the calls for free and fair elections. He noted that this, together with respect for the rule of law and the Constitution, is what matters.
“What matters to us in the Private Sector is that Guyanese are afforded a fair and free elections free from violence that we suffered in 1992,1997 and 2001. What matters to us in the Private Sector is that whichever party wins the elections reach across the political divide and truly find a way to work together for the children of Guyana’s Future.
“What matters to us in the Private Sector is that the New Government rationalised our tax systems while creating the enabling environment to foster and enhance investors’ confidence. What matters to us in the Private Sector is that job creation must be the daily [priority] of our country leaders,” Gouveia added.
On Monday the President issued two proclamations officially declaring March 2, 2020, as elections day. The declaration, which is dated October 1, 2019, was issued in accordance with Article 61 of the Guyana Constitution, which states that the President shall by proclamation appoint a day for an election under Article 60 (2), and that an election of members of the National Assembly shall be held under Article 60 (2).
To this end, the President proclaimed that “…in pursuance of the said Article 61, I do hereby appoint the 2nd day of March 2020, as the day on which an election of members of the National Assembly shall be held under the said Article 60 (2).”
President Granger has been coming under immense pressure to issue his proclamation over the past few weeks. After almost a year of procrastination following his Government’s defeat to a No-Confidence Motion, President David Granger on Wednesday last announced March 2, 2020, as the “earliest possible” date for elections, during an address to the nation.
In his address to the nation, Granger had spoken of a need for a return to the National Assembly in order to seek an extension of time for his Government in office. According to the President, the Government of Guyana “must, as a consequence, return to the National Assembly to request an extension. The National Assembly reconvenes on 10th October 2019”.
The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has repeatedly affirmed that it would not return to the National Assembly to grant the Government the two thirds vote it needs to extend its life in power.