Night out turns deadly

…pork-knocker gunned down after nightclub feud

Xavier “Javie” Boyal is now dead and investigations are underway after a feud that started at a nightclub reportedly followed him, resulting in him being gunned down along a Puruni, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) road.
Boyal, 24, of Waramuri Mission, Moruca River, was a pork-knocker attached to a dredge that operate at Rock Creek, Puruni. According to reports, the incident occurred on November 11 at the Puruni Landing between the hours of 03:00 and 03:45h.
Reports are Boyal was in the company of a co-worker, who earlier had an altercation with an unknown male outside the Junior nightclub. Boyal is said to have intervened in a bid to make peace, pushing the male in the process. Afterwards, the two colleagues left on foot.
Reports reaching this publication indicated that the matter was not done, as the suspect jumped into a car, PGG 9485, which was parked out front and belonged to food vendor Steve Underwood, who was then ordered to follow the two.
Underwood is said to have complied and while driving the suspect reportedly drew a hand gun and discharged a round through the windshield at Boyal, who was still walking alongside his co-worker.
Underwood’s windscreen shattered in the process and as Boyal lay wounded on the ground, the suspect reportedly exited the vehicle and discharged another round at the pork-knocker before making good his escape.
Police subsequently photographed the vehicle and a 9mm shell was recovered. The scene was photographed and processed by police and the body examined. It is understood that the victim bore three bullet wounds on his body… one above the abdomen, one under the right arm and another to the right upper back.
A war head was found about 15 feet from where the body was found. Statements have been obtained and investigations are in progress. However, the suspect has not yet been arrested.