No appearance of Lowenfield Myers, Mingo at Georgetown Magistrate’s Court

Dear Editor,
Several media outlets have reported that Mr Keith Lowenfield, Ms Roxanne Myers and Mr Clairmont Mingo failed to attend the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on the 9th June 2021 before Her Worship Ms Sherdel Isaacs.
The following is the chronology of events which have led to the misrepresentation of the circumstances, leading to the issuance of a summons to attend court for the above persons.
Keith Lowenfield and Ms Roxanne Myers were invited to attend the CID at Eve Leary on Tuesday 8th June 2021 at 3.30pm. This invitation was issued by Senior Superintendent Mitchell Caesar via Nigel Hughes in his capacity as Attorney-at- law for Mr Lowenfield and Ms Myers and to them.
In keeping with the request, both Mr Lowenfield and Ms Myers attended the CID HQ at 3.30pm, where they were informed in a video-recorded interview of the intention of the Guyana Police Force to file two criminal charges of conspiracy to defraud the electors of Guyana between March 2nd 2020 and August 2nd 2020.
At the conclusion of the video-recorded interviews, Mr Nigel Hughes specifically inquired of Mr Mitchell Caesar when Mr Lowenfield and Ms Myers would be required to attend court, and Mr Caesar indicated that he would contact Mr Hughes to inform him of the date and time, as the charges had not yet been filed.
Caesar then requested the presence of Mr Mingo the following day, and it was agreed that he would attend the CID HQ at 8.15am the following day.
On Wednesday 9th June 2021, at 8.15am, Mr Clairmont Mingo attended the CID HQ with his attorney-at-law. He was informed in a video-recorded interview that the Guyana Police Force intended to institute two charges against him: of conspiring with Keith Lowenfield, Roxanne Myers, Volda Lawrence, Carol Joseph and others to defraud the electors of Guyana in the 2020 National and Regional Elections.
After the conclusion of the interview, Mr Hughes inquired of the officers when Mr Mingo would be required to attend court. He was informed that they were unable to say, as the charges had not yet been filed.
Mingo then left Georgetown to return to his home at Belladrum, West Coast Berbice.
At 10.52am, Mr Caesar called Nigel Hughes and asked that all three persons attend court at 11.00am. Hughes informed Mr Caesar that it would be impossible, as Mr Mingo was on his way back to West Coast Berbice, and it may be difficult to attend court in eight minutes. He further indicated to Mr. Caesar that he would have to contact Mr Lowenfield and Ms Myers to inform them of the requirement to attend court in eight minutes, at which point it would be impossible in Georgetown. When informed, Mr Mingo immediately started his return to Georgetown.
At 10.55am, Mr Caesar called Mr Hughes again and informed him that the matter had been fixed for 12:00 noon.
At 11.45am, Mr Mingo and Mr. Lowenfield were standing outside the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court#3, awaiting the 12.00 noon hearing, when the Court Prosecutor informed Mr. Hughes that the matter was called at 11.00am and was adjourned to the 29th June 2021, as there was no evidence that the defendants had been informed. He indicated that the Magistrate has ordered that a summons be issued to the defendants.
It was indicated to the Prosecutor in the presence of another Senior Police Officer that the request to attend court was received at 10.52am.
Ms Roxanne Myers attended the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court #3 at 11.50am.
The only notification to attend court at 11.00am was issued by way of a telephone call at 10.52am to Counsel for Mr Lowenfield, Ms Myers and Mr Mingo.

C A Nigel Hughes
Attorney-at-law for
Mr Keith Lowenfiled,
Ms Roxanne Myers, and Mr Clairmont Mingo