Noise nuisance

Dear Editor,
Government’s current concern about the country’s noise nuisance is long overdue and most welcome. Its particular concern for the comfort of visitors who stay at the Marriott Hotel which underlies the banning of noise generated for “entertainment, social and other events” above the permissible level at the hotel’s beachfront is undoubtedly good, ol’ Guyanese hospitality.
There can be no doubt that Government is equally concerned about the comfort of its own citizens and must, therefore, have a new policy with regard to the noise nuisances that are Mashramani and the newly-minted Independence Carnival.
The residents of Kitty and Queenstown, Georgetown, have suffered the illegal ear-splitting noise that accompanies these national celebrations for decades. The noise which shakes our homes to their very foundation and which goes on unabated all day and well into the night has actually been encouraged and approved by all past governments.
However, now that Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan vows to crack down on bars, restaurants, music carts, etc, that breach the peace with extremely loud music, there must also be a stated policy with regard to Mashramani and Carnival.
There is every hope that these very important holidays can become national models for the kind of peace and decency, which show us to be law-abiding citizens who practise good neighbourliness and have due regard for the law.
I am already breathing a sigh of relief in anticipation of Minister Ramjattan’s public announcement of Government’s policy on these particular noise nuisances which, we can be sure, will reflect Government’s concern for the comfort of all its citizens and a full adherence to the law.

Ryhaan Shah