NSC throws support behind GAPLF

– for upcoming NAPF Pan American Powerlifting & FESUPO South American Classic Powerlifting Classic Championship

A team of 11 will depart the shores of Guyana to compete in the 2019 edition of the NAPF Pan American Powerlifting & FESUPO South American Classic Powerlifting Classic Championship in Piriapolis, Uruguay.

Director of Sport Christopher Jones handing over a cheque to the Treasurer of the GAPLF, Colin Austin, in the presence of GAPLF President Ed Caesar and Executive member Runita Whyte

As such, the NSC have thrown their support behind the participating team by donating $3.6 million, both competitions will be held on September 18-23.
In a simple handover ceremony held at the NSC headquarters on Homestretch Avenue, Director of Sport Christopher Jones said, “The National Sports Commission has been approached by the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Association to attend the upcoming event in Uruguay. Guyana will be sending a delegation of 11 athletes, (and) of course the financial cost of offsetting said participation is somewhere within the vicinity of seven million. The NSC would have met with the President of the GAPLF, Ed Caesar, and his executives during the course of the year, to collect the relevant information so that the Sports Commission could be guided on setting out a significant financial contribution. The sum of money we have handed over will ensure the participation of the Guyanese contingent at the upcoming games.”
Also speaking on behalf of the GAPLF was President Ed Caesar, who stated that the GAPLF focuses mainly on its athletes, as it caters for athletes from all age ranges. He noted that it is the federation’s goal to promote discipline in the athletes, as this would bring out the best in them. Caesar also noted that the federation is highly business-oriented and hopes that plans can be booked in the future to make the necessary preparations ahead of time.
He is optimistic about the team’s performance when they depart Guyana on September 15.
The participating team includes:
Franklyn Brisport, Noel Cummings, Lisa Oudit, Natoya Robinson, Nairanjan Singh, Nadina Taharally, Frank Tucker, Runita White, Bjorn Williams
Colin Andrews, Erwyn Smith, Gordon Spencer, Nadina Taharally, Runita White
N.B. Two of the officials are also athletes.
Team Physiotherapist
Kathleen Paul