Nursery athletes can train in multiple sports in Sports Academy

…Ramson Jr praises relationship with GBA, other associations

Guyana’s Sport Academy programme is expected to be a constant avenue for young sportsmen and women across the country to learn, perfect, practice and excel at their crafts.
While Academy is now taking off, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr, continues to shed light on the way the Academy will be conducted. The latest bit of information has come at the launch of the Badminton Academy nursery.
On that occasion, Ramson revealed to students of the Badminton nursery that they would be able to participate in the programme almost every day of the week.
“What you will see, moving forward, is that there will be times dedicated for the Sports Academy every single day. Every day, six days a week, you will be able to come and play and train under a programme that will help you to advance your talent all the way up to the level you want it to go,” Ramson Jr. disclosed.
He continued, “That’s what the Sports Academy is all about. It’s this vehicle to take you to becoming the best player for your respective sport that you can ever become.”
The Sport Minister went on to share that young athletes would even be given the opportunity to dabble in any number of sports at the nursery level, when it comes to being an elite athlete, specialisation is required.
“You can even think about multiple sports that you want to play,” the Sport Minister told the students of the nursery. He went on to clarify, “But in order for you to become really great at whichever sport that you want to, you will have to specialise at some point.”
Additionally, the Guyana Badminton Association (GBA) came in for heavy praise from Ramson Jr., as he stressed the need for similar relationships in order to advance sport and develop the Sport Academy programme.
“We value our relationship with the Badminton Association, and what we’ve had in sports in the last year and maybe six months or so is the strongest level of cooperation, collaboration, and partnership that we’ve ever had in sports,” he stated.
The Minister went on to explain, “The reason that that’s important, and for young people to know, is that whenever you want to achieve something very big, it requires teamwork. So, the stuff that you’re going to learn while you do your training, it’s all about being able to rely on each other. That’s (teamwork) that we’ve been trying to foster at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport to see us get to this point.”
Thus far, the Sport Academy has seen the launch of nurseries in the disciplines of Squash, Volleyball and Badminton out of the 12 sports that the Academy would cater to.