Old feud leads to confrontation in NWD

Police in the North West District, Region One (Barima-Waini), are investigating malicious damage to property allegations following a confrontation between men with an old feud.
Reports are that the incident occurred last week Sunday at about 18:00h at Khan’s Hill, Mabaruma, NWD.
It is alleged that two male suspects maliciously damaged a black Lenovo Laptop valued at $75,000, the property of an 18-year-old Khan’s Hill resident, Jessica Jack.
According to the Police report, Jack had taken her laptop around 12:00h to a friend’s house to charge. While walking back to her home, she met her reputed husband and handed him her black haversack which contained her laptop. Police stated that the man placed the haversack on his back and the couple continued walking home. However, during their journey, her husband was attacked by two males with whom he had an ongoing feud.
The men allegedly attacked and struck the victim’s husband repeatedly with a metal pipe.
Following the attack, the couple checked the laptop and discovered that the screen had been damaged. The two suspects have since been arrested. (G15)