Open your mind, Lincoln Lewis

Dear Editor,
Reference is made to Mr Lincoln Lewis’s December 13, 2020, missive in another newsprint, denigrating the effort of President Ali’s overture to past Presidents to an initial open forum discussion on nation-building. The conjectures penned by Mr Lewis are fraught with emotional threads rather than objectively driven. Juxtaposing scenarios with condemnatory phrases seem to be screaming for recognition in its irrelevance. For 50 odd years Guyana suffered from partisan politics, and our motto of One People, One Nation, One Destiny seemed to be palpably cast asunder. President Ali and his Cabinet are the change agents. Mr Lewis’ emasculated attempt to denude Dr Ali’s olive branch initiative at comprehensive nation-building is disingenuous and laic at best as past paradigms should evolve into pragmatic solutions for all Guyanese. Over 60 per cent of the Guyanese population, of all races, are young people and President Ali is initiating a willingness to open dialogue, and Mr Lewis, using the “de facto” phraseology, ad nauseam, is irresponsible, and a raw testament of his deep anachronism and reluctance to nation-building. Terminology inexactitudes, dogma and hypothecation by Mr Lewis are the aberrations that have and will continue to retard the nation’s growth if left unchecked.
In his narrative, Mr Lewis seems to be speaking for past President, Mr Granger, which is egregiously condescending as Mr Granger has clearly stated his reasons for non-acquiescence. Dismissing the meeting of the Presidents as a “dinner gaffe” (my words) is patronising and self-serving. Spelling President Ali’s name incorrectly, in his missive can be a Freudian slip or downright hypocritical and demeaning. Like it or not, Mr Lewis, President Ali has been democratically elected and his mantra of “change Guyana” for all has accelerated rapidly and unswervingly. Negative connotations will not dilute or derail this dynamism. Open your mind, sir, and allow all Guyanese to add gravitas to our motto: One People, One Nation, One Destiny!

Jonathan Subrian, Esq