Sport Minister to give full support to safe return, development of volleyball

Culture, Youth and Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr (centre) poses with GVF President Levi Nedd (2nd left); Vice President Rodney Fredricks (left); Secretary Kim Chan-Bagot (2nd right) and Technical Advisor Yannick Chase (right)

Culture, Youth and Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr recently met with the executive members of the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) at the Guyana National Gymnasium to discuss the way forward on the development and revival of volleyball in Guyana.
Attendees at the meeting on November 30 included GVF President Levi Nedd, Vice President Rodney Fredericks, General Secretary Kim Chan-Bagot and Technical Advisor Yannick Chase, along with Minister Ramson, his Secretary and Sports Commission personnel.
The meeting highlighted several issues faced by the Federation and guidance was given on how to take volleyball to the next level. Minister Ramson was very active in the sport during his school days. For several years much support was not given for volleyball development, however, the Minister assured that this would change under his tenure. With Guyana being the defending U-21 Males Inter-Guiana champions, the country is showing much promise in the volleyball arena.
“We need to produce more champions,” said the Minister, following his statement to give support on provision of facilities and training for each club. He also stated that “clubs are expected to maximise the use and availability of the National Gymnasium with the training times that will be allotted to them”.
The Minister placed much emphasis on youth development in the sport.
“Coaches need to focus on the next generation of potential volleyball athletes ,because they will be the nursery who will take up the sport when the senior players are gone,” he noted. “More participation and popularity of the sport is also needed.”
Volleyball is set to make a return following the approval of the COVID-19 guidelines. The GVF has prepared a full schedule to facilitate several activities and competitions, which follow the safety guidelines for COVID-19.