Over 2200 persons had matters resolved during OP 2-day visit to Region 6

…over 75 per cent women, 90 per cent single parents

Persons queued up to get into the compound of State House, New Amsterdam, on Friday

With the Office of the President (OP) moving to Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) for two days, more than 2000 issues were addressed.
According to President Dr Irfaan Ali, the number of persons seen during the two-day outreach exceeded 2200. Striking is the fact that above 75 per cent visited State House in New Amsterdam, where the Office of the President was officially located during Thursday and Friday.
President Ali said the issues were community-based and in some instances family-oriented. Some persons were there to have issues of a national nature addressed, President Ali said.
“One of the things that struck me is that a very high percentage – about 90 per cent of those women who represented the issues, are single parents. That is something that I think needs specific attention. Many of them have between 3-5 children or 6 children and they are single mother-led households,” President Ali said during a press conference on Friday as he closed shop.
According to the President, this bigger issue must be considered in the framework of planning.
During the outreach, the Health, Housing, Local Government, Natural Resources, Human Resources, Public Works ministries, the Regional Democratic Council, the Agriculture Ministry with its various agencies, the National Drainage and irrigation Authority (NDIA); Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA); the Fisheries Department, Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL), Guyana Power and Light, Guyana Water Inc, GuySuCo, Guyana Post Office Corporation, Guyana Revenue Authority and other agencies worked almost continuously to make the outreach a success.
According to President Ali, it was his aim to ensure that they were as productive as possible over the two-day period.

The Head of State said he was impressed at the positive impact Government’s part-time 10-day – $40,000 programme has had on the region.
“I have also heard stories of improvements in some of the sectors and also some of the challenges that still exist and how we can confront those challenges. Youth participation in the development of the region is also something that is remarkable,” Ali noted.
Ali said healthcare in the region has improved in terms of access to drugs and medical supplies but there are still gaps that need to be covered.
Under Public Works, more than 100 complaints were addressed over the two-day period which were in relation to roads, drains bridges and sea defence structures.
“And as a result of this we already have engineers on the ground working. The engineers are already preparing designs and tender documents to fix some of the important problems that would bring great relief for the agricultural sector, residential and commercial communities,” President Ali explained.
However, he said that more than 70 per cent of those issues were addressed conclusively by the Human Services Ministry during the outreach.
“The Ministry of Housing, they had a massive load and we have been able to set a path for those persons who would have applied up to 2015, and those from 2015 to 2020.
The General Register Office (GRO) processed more than 70 applications for death, birth and marriage certifications. Late registrations were also effectively addressed.

New GOAL applicants
Meanwhile, the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) saw more than 160 new applications being received during the outreach. Electronic tablets to assist those studying under the programme were also distributed.
The National Insurance Scheme (NIS) addressed some 200 issues and about 40 per cent were resolved.
“There is another 20 per cent that is in the process of being resolved and the remainder would have follow-up action to be resolved,” the President noted.