Overreach… by PNC & AFC Opposition

Are we to be governed by the laws of the land, or by the whims and predilections of the Opposition?? Seems that, before the Government does anything, they’re expected to consult with the Opposition! And your Eyewitness isn’t talking about those matters where the law (the Constitution) specifies consultation – meaningful or otherwise! And that’s the point, isn’t it?? The framers of the Constitution and laws already identified those aspects in running the state or Government that need the input of the Opposition.
That is, they identified matters that needed that wider legitimacy of all the representatives of the people coming aboard to make decisions. But this can’t include EVERYTHING!! If the Opposition have to sign off on every and any decision of the Government, then who’s going to govern?? Hasn’t the appointment of a permanent Chancellor and Chief Justice – which needs Opposition consent – illustrated how decisions will never be made?? Do we want to gridlock every area of national governance??
So, what brought on this tirade? The Opposition PNC and AFC’s insistence that they should be consulted by the President in establishing the CoI into the 2020 elections contretemps, that’s what!! So what does the law say about establishing CoIs?? It’s dealt with in Chapter 19:03 of the Laws of Guyana. And says very clearly under Art 2, “Power to issue Commission” as amended in 1972: “The president may issue a commission appointing one or more commissioners and authorising such commissioner or commissioners to inquire into any matter in which an inquiry would, in the opinion of the president, be for the public welfare.”
See that?? The legislators didn’t see the need for the Opposition to get involved, or else they would have changed the law since 1972!! Now, of course, since the matter to be inquired into is of such a critical nature, it would’ve been nice to have the Opposition aboard. But, in this case, it’s the actions of the Opposition in the 2020 elections that are the subject!! It’s like the defendant in a murder case (here democracy was being murdered!) being asked to choose which judge he wants to try his case!! Hey, but there’s a system in place for choosing judges, ain’t there? So, the defendant can’t cry violation of “due process”!! And in like manner, we have Chap 19:03 in place, which specifies the PRESIDENT to be constituting CoIs!!
And he’s shown, in his selection of the Commissioners, his commitment to impartiality!! Two had been chosen earlier by the Commonwealth!!
Let the chips (or the axe!) fall where they (or it) may!!

…on Skeng?
When Burnham’s constitution created his “legal” dictatorship – giving himself more power than Kim Il Sung – he couldn’t help giving a dig to his bete noir, Cheddi Jagan. He defined the latter’s position as “Minority Leader” rather than “Opposition Leader”! The joke, of course, was Cheddi’d been made “leader” through rigging, and his “opposition” merely served as window dressing to the world!!
Well, it seems that some of Burnham’s inheritors in the PNC have taken to giving themselves the self-flagellating title of “Shadow Minister” of this or that activity!! Are they a “shadow” of the substantive minister? In the matter at hand, it does certainly look like the Shadow Minister of Culture, Jermaine Figueira, is a shadow of the real Minister of Culture, Charles Ramson Jnr!! Maybe the Brits can pull “shadow” off because of their endemic obsequiousness – but not here!!
Anyhow, the PNC Shadow Culture fella thinks Robeson Benn shouldn’t have made Skeng – of Badderation and Gvnmas Shift fame – persona non grata in Guyana. He’s providing a “service”, and the Shadow boxer says CSME rules we gotta listen to his lyrics, whether we want to or not!!
So why CSME didn’t defend Buju’s “Boom bye, bye”??

…in lyrics’ import
Why should Benn object to this poetic gem? “Kakam fyah full a gun like Remington/ Fully charge up eager fi kill a man/Ratty gang fimi gang p**sy run up if yuh bad/
…Diss mi? yuh mussi sick!!