Panthera Solutions Inc pumps $300,000 into RHTY&SC cricket development

…Mings Products and Services Ltd donates cricket balls

Cristal Smith and Ray Mclean of Panthera Solutions Inc hand over the donation to RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster

The efforts of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC), MS, to expand its cricket developmental programme received a major boost on Friday last when Panthera Solutions Inc handed over a donation of $300,000 to Club Secretary/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hilbert Foster.
The funds are for the purchasing of junior cricket gear for the Club’s Under-12, Under-13 and Under-15 teams and a full-page advertisement in the 22nd edition of the Club’s Youth Review Magazine.

B Jordan Meredith of Mings Products and Services Ltd hands over cricket balls to RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO Foster

Foster stated that the one-year absence from the cricket field owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affected the RHTY&SC Cricket Developmental Programme as management was unable to organise any activities. The Under-12, Under-13 and Under-15 teams are the nursery of the RHTY&SC cricketing structure, and Foster stated that every year the Club would ensure that special emphasis was placed on the members of those teams. The Club, he stated, has a free membership policy and provides all of the necessary equipment to members. Panthera Solutions inc’s sponsorship was used to acquire all the necessary cricket and coaching gear for the Cricket Development Programme. The items purchased included bats, batting pads, batting gloves, and wicketkeeping pads and gloves.
Panthera Solutions Inc is a joint venture of Farfan and Mendes Ltd of Guyana and the Crosbie Group of Companies based in Canada. The company has been supportive of the activities of the Club and has sponsored its Christmas Charity Programme, Christmas Village, Annual Youth Review Magazine, and Youth Information Booklets since 2019. General Manager Andrew Dinsdale stated that the company was very impressed by the outstanding work of the RHTY&SC, and was delighted to support the Cricket Development Programme. Cricket Manager Rabindranauth Kissoonlall stated that the three teams have a combined membership of more than 60 youths between the ages of nine and fifteen. The gear and equipment, he stated, would be used by the coaching staff of the Club to make sure that all the players fulfil their full potential.
The RHTY&SC in April would be publishing a 48-page magazine to highlight its outstanding work during 2020. The magazine would be published at the Fand H Printery in Georgetown. Meanwhile, Mings Products and Services Ltd on Friday last handed over four boxes of cricket balls for the Cricket Development Programme. The company has been supporting the Club with cricket balls since 2002. B Jordan Meredith of the company’s Human Resources Department handed over the cricket balls to Foster, who hailed Mings for its support over the years. He stated that Mings had played a major role in the careers of players like Assad Fudadin, Delbert Hicks, Kevin Sinclair, Shemaine Campbelle, Sheneta Grimmond, Kevlon Anderson, Sylus Tyndall, Junior Williams, Keith Simpson, Clinton Pestano, Erva Giddings and Shabika Gajnabi among others. The balls, Foster stated, would be used for practice sessions and also matches. Special thanks were expressed to Stanley Ming and Colin Ming for their support over the years.