Parents commend Govt for extending “Because We Care” cash grant to private schools

Mother of two, Marcella Jameer

As the “Because We Care” cash grant distribution continued on Tuesday, the Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke with some of the parents and guardians, who noted that the additional funds will help in the purchase of essential supplies.
The $40,000 cash grant sees children registered in nursery, primary, and secondary public and private schools receiving a $35,000 grant, together with $5000 for school uniforms and other supplies.
“I think it is a good initiative to provide this cash grant to families, to help financially prep them for the new school term. It’s also, if I recall correctly, a promise that the Government had made before they came into power, that they would restore the cash grant to families, which they did. So, it’s quite remarkable and commendable that they did,” Darren Crawford, a father of three, commented at Morgan’s Learning Centre.

Angelina McKenzie-Sookram

He expressed his appreciation for the gesture, noting that often, the assumption exists that students in private schools are financially well-off, which is not always the case.
“So, it is also commendable that the Government would have extended [the grant] to the private school students, and I must say kudos to the Government of Guyana in assisting families in the ways that they are doing,” he said.
Angelina McKenzie-Sookram, who has two school-aged children, told DPI that the distribution of the cash grant in private schools is a “great effort” that the Government has made towards ensuring every school-aged child is adequately prepared for the new school year.
“For me, I benefit from it. It helps with so much, and the fact that the amount is increasing yearly makes it even easier on us as parents,” she said.

Father of three, Darren Crawford

Siand Dhurjon, who has two young children, said that while this is the first cash grant he is receiving from the Government, he is appreciative of the gesture.
“I feel good about this. It is a very good initiative,” he stated.
Meanwhile, Marcella Jameer, a mother of two children attending School of the Nations, expressed similar sentiments.
“Since the Government started the distribution, I have been collecting, because I have three children. I’m very happy to receive [the grant] because it will really help with the uniforms and the bags and so on, so I really appreciate it, Mr President,” she said.
In 2021, Government reintroduced the cash grant distribution for school-aged children, as per its manifesto promise. The distributions at that time saw each child benefitting from $19,000— $15,000 from the “Because We Care” grant and $4000 from their uniform vouchers.
In 2022, the Government increased the “Because We Care” cash grant amount from $15,000 to $25,000, and the uniform voucher from $4000 to $5000. This meant that each child went from receiving $19,000, to $30,000.