Peacemaker shot, stabbed

Celebrations on Thursday turned to distress for a young man who was dealt several stabs to his back and allegedly received a gunshot wound to his knee after he tried intervening in an argument between his sister-in-law and another female.
Injured is 27-year-old Kezil Brazalio. According to reports, at about 18:30h Brazalio was along Sussex Street, Albouystown, when he noticed two females in a heated argument.
Realising that one of the women is his sister-in-law, he attempted to make peace among the duo. However, the mother of the other female involved in the argument allegedly approached Brazalio and dealt him several stabs to his back. He then fell to the ground but things took a turn for the worse when a male resident from Charlestown, Georgetown, approached him and fired several shots in his direction.
After discharging the rounds, the male perpetrator made good his escape while Brazalio was rushed to the Woodlands Hospital where he was admitted a patient. He was shot once to the knee.
The police have since launched an investigation.