Pensioner dies in Cummings Lodge fire

A 68-year-old man perished in a fire on Monday at his Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown home.
He has been identified as Lionel Kyte.
According to a statement from the Guyana Police Force (GPF), the blaze – which erupted around 16:20h – completely destroyed the wooden house, which was being rented by the pensioner.
The elderly man, who was said to be ill, lived alone at the house.
The landlord told investigators that she observed smoke emanating from the house and on further inspection, discovered the main door to the building was locked.
Having made this observation, she raised an alarm and neighbours formed a bucket brigade in efforts to extinguish the fire.
Shortly after, a fire tender from the Campbellville Fire Station arrived at the scene, and went into action to douse the flames.
An investigation conducted afterwards discovered the badly-burnt body of the pensioner in the kitchen.
Kyte is the third person in less than two weeks to have perished in a fire which started at their homes.