Police intercept car with gun, ammo and suspected stolen items

Some of the items found in the car
The shotgun that was recovered

Police are now on the hunt for two occupants of a motor car, which was found on Tuesday in the vicinity of Weldaad Police Station, West Coast Berbice (WCB), with a gun, ammunition and several items believed to have been unlawfully obtained.
Based on information received, Police ranks were conducting a stop and search operation at about 16:30h when they observed a silver-grey motor car making a diversion upon seeing the roadblock.
The ranks observed the movements of the car and went in the same direction. They found the car on the back street with the lights off. As they approached the car, two men exited and fled the scene, thus leaving the driver behind.
As such, the ranks conducted a search in the vehicle in the presence of the driver when two boxes containing a total of 35 12-gauge cartridges; one slasher; one Yamaha outboard engine; one gasoline bottle; one RB battery; one power bar; one blender; and one tool kit with tools were unearthed.
In addition, a Remington 12-gauge shotgun was also discovered in the car. The driver was immediately taken into custody and is assisting with investigations.