Probe needed into allegations of massive land grab by MMA-ADA

Dear Editor,
At a time when farmers of Region Five are being told that their applications for state land to cultivate rice cannot be processed because no land is available, it is alleged that a Director on the Board of the Mahaica Mahaicony Abary-Agricultural Development Authority (MMA-ADA) and others, are involved in a massive land grab in an area near Abary, once occupied by the now-defunct Livestock Development Company – LIDCO.
Dr Dwight Waldron is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA). He is also a Director of the MMA-ADA Board and member of its Lands Sub-Committee. This Committee makes recommendations to the MMA-ADA Board for the approval and distribution of Government land to farmers.
Reliable sources allege that an application for over 300 acres of land was applied for in the name of a female friend of Dr Waldron named Sharon. The Lands Sub-Committee of which Dr Waldron is a member, recommended this application which was approved by the MMA-ADA Board.
This in itself is a serious conflict of interest. Now, Dr Waldron is believed to be occupying hundreds of acres of state land illegally in the same LIDCO area without the approval of the MMA-ADA Board. A Hi-Mac excavator has been seen working to clear the land, and the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock vehicle he is assigned to is used to transport seed paddy and other planting materials unto the site.
In addition, it is also alleged that large sums of bribe money have been paid by individuals to some members of the MMA-ADA Board and senior staff to help them acquire state land.
These are serious allegations that require Dr Waldron to come clean to protect his character. I have no problem mentioning names because I have tremendous confidence in the accuracy of the information I receive from my sources.
And as my lawyer always reiterates, the best defence to a lawsuit is the truth!
I now call upon the Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder, to investigate this allegation of massive land grab, and the high level of corruption involving some members of the MMA-ADA Board.

Harry Gill
PPP/C Member of