Region Six makes light work of Region Ten in Sports exchange

The Regional Democratic Councils (RDC) of Region Ten and Six recently met in what was described as the inaugural Inter RDC Sports Games. The meet, which was held in Linden, saw RDC employees from both regions competing in 10/10 softball cricket, football, circle tennis and dominoes, and saw players representing the Education, Administration, Sub-treasury, and Engineering departments among others.
The lively and eagerly contest one-day sports meet was well received by a number of persons in Region Ten, with Regional Executive Officer (REO) Orrin Gordon urging his colleagues to buy into the initiative. He stressed that it’s a perfect platform for employees to better know their colleagues in the various regions. “This is an excellent initiative right off, and we at RDC Region Ten will seek to invest in this inter-RDC Games as we firmly believe that it’s an opportunity for the various RDC employees to know each other. This initiative can only get stronger once the other regions come on board and recognise that such initiatives are critically important if we are going to collectively boost the regions’ capacity,” Gordon said.
The Region Ten REO said that while he was expecting to see his Region Six counterpart Ms. Kim Stephens, despite her absence, he is very satisfied with her employees’ performance. He stressed that the day’s activities went well, with Region Six capturing three of the four titles on offer.
“My colleague REO from Region Six isn’t here, but I can tell you that her staff competed fiercely and competitively, and this is good for the spirit of strengthening relationships. I would like to see where REOs from the various regions setting aside monies within their budgets to visit other regions each year, so as to enhance and compete with their counterparts from other regions. The employees need this form of interaction and relaxation; they need to engage with their colleagues in various regions; they need to build relationships as public servants. I firmly believe that such initiatives augur well for the holistic growth and development of our employees working at the various RDCs within the public service sector,” he declared.

Player of the women’s cricket match, Education Officer Youlanda Mentis, who scored a well-played 51, receiving her medal from AREO Leola Narine of RDC 10

REO Gordon singled out Region Six Sports Officer Godwyn Allicock whom he said played a pivotal role in the successful execution of the Sports Day and Exchange programme. He said he would like to commend the officer, whom he said deserves all the commendation, as not only was the event successful, but it was one that other regions can model after in the future.
“This was a superb initiative by Mr Allicock, and I must say that he has done exceptionally well. Let me be the first to congratulate him, as he literally did all of this on his own with some support and assistance from our AREO, Ms. Leola Narine,” REO Gordon said.
The Regional Executive Officer said that he is also pleased that the visiting team from Region Six was able to have a tour of his region, while being able to sensitize and inform themselves on a number of things occurring within the Region. “Not only did they come to engage us in sporting activities, but they also took time to tour and better understand a lot of historical facts within the region, and that is refreshing,” Gordon added.
In the 10/10 Softball Cricket Match, Region Six took first strike, and with the help of Brandon Roopchand who scored a quick-fire 59, posted a total of 116 runs. However, in reply, Region Ten, while losing wickets quickly, saw a masterful and well played unbeaten 51 from Education Officer Youlanda Mentis, who was ably supported by Elford Griffith. However when the overs ran out, they were short by nine runs. In the Circle Tennis match, it was a much easier victory for the Region Six team, who demonstrated why sports is considered very important to them. In the football match, despite scoring the first goal, Region Six found the going very tough, as Region Ten avenged their two losses in the cricket and circle tennis matches with a 3-1 drubbing of Region Six. The final sport to be contested saw Region Six with 69 games coming out on top in the dominoes competition, with Region Ten RDC on 49 and Region Ten Education on 42 occupying the two other positions. Delon Roopchand and Abas Nerupan of Region Six both had the maximum 18 games.
Trophies and medals were presented to several players for stellar performances, while Region Six held on to the three major trophies that they won. They have accepted a return exchange from Region Ten, which according to RE+DC AREO is expected to be later this year in the ancient county.