Riding bicycles at night without lights

Dear Editor,
“When I was young and went to school, they taught me how to write…!”
They also taught me and my friends that if we must ride our bicycles at night, then it was necessary to have a headlight and rear light affixed to the bicycle. As a matter of fact, if the Policemen caught us riding at night without lights, it was treated as a legal offence.letters
Has the law been changed? If not, can our Policemen please perform their duty of care by prosecuting the law breakers.
In any event, the current practice of riding bicycles at night without lights is at best careless and at worst deadly and dangerous to the riders and the motorists who already have many other things to be on the look-out for, such as careless pedestrians, potholes, animals and, of course, other careless or inconsiderate drivers.

Nowrang Persaud