Rosanna Fung to compete at GBBFF’s National Seniors Championships

By Timothy Jaikarran

Guyana’s very own Rosanna Fung, the female bodybuilding wonder who was able to bag three gold medals and her Pro Rank Card at the CAC Bodybuilding Championships held recently in Barbados, is now focusing her attention on the local stage; and, come December 18, 2022, will be competing in the Wellness category of the Guyana Bodybuilding Fitness Federation’s Seniors Championships.
And she is again seeking to establish a dominant presence there.
In a chat with this publication, she was asked how pumped she was for the competition, and she replied, “I am super-pumped, considering that this will be the last year I will be competing in a national bodybuilding competition, unless there is a PRO show here. But this is the last time I will be competing in our National Seniors Bodybuilding Championships, so I am super excited! So, far, my training is going pretty well, I didn’t have that much work to do, considering I managed to maintain most of my muscle from CAC that I did in July.
“So, I maintained that physique, and I even improved on that. I think I have put on some muscle, actually 100 percent I have put on some muscle since then, and my total package has since improved, and my proportions are a lot better now,” she disclosed.
Fung has also disclosed that her mindset going into the show is pretty relaxed, as she is a lot more confident on stage now, considering she has more exposure and more confidence in her current package. Moreover, she noted that after receiving her PRO Rank Card and receiving critique from the judges at CAC, she has considered the advice and improved on the areas mentioned, thus she is certain she would do well at the National Seniors.
“Never sell yourself short. last year I was trying my best to manifest the PRO Card look at my debut CAC show, and I wanted it badly. I was doing the work, but I still had a lot of room for improvement, and I blamed a lot of external sources, whereas I should have done the research myself. So that is what changed this year.
“I mean, it is funny, as last year I got third and seventh in a category out of seven girls; so, basically, last place in both categories. I was in the wrong category, and my physique was more suited for the Wellness category, because I went home and did the work on the critiques I received, and came back even stronger; and look at what it yielded.
“So, I want to encourage everyone to believe in themselves a little more, because you can do way more than you think,” Fung shared.
Fung has also expressed gratitude to her sponsors, who have aided her in her journey. She made special mention of Fitness Express, Space Gym, her boyfriend and family members, as she explained that without them she would not be where she is today.
Adding to her many accolades, Fung is now a three-time gold medalist at CAC 2022; winner of The Miss Bikini Novice 2019 Championship; winner of the Seniors 2019 Championships; 2nd place holder of the Stage of Champions 2019 event; winner of the 2020 edition of the Resilience Bodybuilding Championship. She also copped bronze in the CAC Championship in 2021 in El Salvador, among other things.