…from its “record”
Aubrey Norton is vintage PNC: steeped in bluff and bluster but always ready to bludgeon opponents in the sordid tradition of Hamilton Green and Chippy Graham of X-13 fame. And if you young’uns don’t know about the PNC’s X-13 plan from the 1960s, think of the Police getting their hands on the Buxton 5 Gang’s plans – just after they shot their way out of Camp Street Jail in 2002!
You’ll glean an insight into the fella’s character when you remember that Desmond Hoyte – the man who launched his “slow fyaah; mo fyaah” strategy which unleashed what Granger called “the troubles” in Guyana – threw him out of the Chairmanship of the PNC. Because his activities were “giving the PNC a bad name”!! Imagine that…if you can!!
Anyhow, this same Norton, working out of the Ministry of the Presidency, was tasked since 2015 to recruit and train youths in his image – for Election Day duties! He was trotted out during that time when the PNC wanted to show that its “kinder and gentler” image was just that – an image!! Like claiming on TV that he had “evidence” of Charrandas being bribed in some hotel room in TT!! The Police should haul him in since they assured the nation they’re still on Charrandas’s trail!!
Anyhow, now that the PNC realises it’s behind the eight ball with the March elections, expect to see more of Norton. Over the weekend, he surfaced to advise the PPP “not to run from their record”. Now you know he wasn’t talking about the PPP’s record to remove the US$2.1 billion debt the PNC left in 1992; or reducing the poverty rate from 43 per cent; or the most consistent growth rate in the Caribbean; or reviving the educational system, etc, etc. Nah…being Norton, he talked about 12 “scams” during the PPP’s 23 years. Some “milk scam”, “gold scam”, “law books scam”, etc.
But he should talk about scams he’s directly connected to – like the one Corbin and Granger pulled in 2011 to make the latter the PNC leader. Which most of the party felt should’ve gone to Carl Greenidge – from the political wing of the PNC regime and not the military. Didn’t he and his troops from Linden exit the Congress in a huff after showing how the vote had been rigged for Granger?? Or about the gunman caught on tape ready to shoot the dissenters?
But, of course, Norton wouldn’t mention that greatest scam of all pulled on the Guyanese people. Unlike DR Faith Harding who quit, he took the bribe of a sinecure, leaving his backers from Linden, Sharma Solomon and Vanessa swinging in the wind!!!!
He’s just singing for his supper!!

…from economics
The PNC will never be able to run the Guyanese economy – even with the oil funds they keep harping on. Consider their reaction to the Opposition Leader’s distinction that their decision to shutter four sugar estates and fire 7000 workers was “financially but not economically sound”. All they can do is make cheap political points about the PPP “protecting its base” with subsidies!!
Sure the sugar industry was losing money … but hadn’t its own CoI advise the Govt to extend subsidies for another three years with a turnaround plan and then privatise?? Were the CoI members – including Chairman Clive Thomas – protecting the “PPP base”? So, Granger closed the estates on “financial grounds”. But is this the way the most capitalistic nation on earth did it when in 2008 its banks and the auto industry were bleeding worse than GuySuCo?
No, making an economic not financial decision, the US Govt declared they were “too big to fail”, considering the effect on the workers and economy. They were up with almost US$1 TRILLION with suggested reforms!!
The “economic” rather than “financial” decision saved the day!!

You can tell Granger’s running scared. After a single press conference in three years, he’s appearing on every radio show around, pleading for another chance!!
Too late shall be the cry!!