September 18 is D Day

Dear Editor,
My question will be very short. I just wish to know who will be held accountable when an accident occurs on the corners of Alexander and Charlotte Street. It has been months now, if not longer since “STOP” signs on both streets have been sending the same command to vehicles heading north and west; cutting across each other, with no indication as to who has the legal right -of -way.
I am always left in awe at simple yet potentially catastrophic mistakes like these. I bang my head to wonder whether the person (s) who authorised and/or placed the stop signs did not see that both streets were giving the command or whether he cared to notice or whether he even knew what he was doing?
Should a collision occur at the corner of Alexander and Charlotte Streets, is the state prepared to compensate drivers for this ridiculous faux pas on the part of its agents?

Thank you,
Zena Henry