The day of judgement…

…for the PNC regime
It has been prophesised that at the conclusion of the age, there shall be “weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth” by the ones who didn’t do the right thing. Today – Sept 18 – is the end of the span allocated by the CCJ to the PNC regime after they determined that the latter had played fast and loose with the highest law of the land. They claimed MP’s had to be chopped into halves and then put together again to determine what a majority of 65 was!! They certainly didn’t do the right thing!
And your Eyewitness predicts (he doesn’t do prophesies since he’s bereft of the requisite wispy extended beard!) there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in the PNC camp today. Never mind the insistence by Granger and his PNC camp followers that the CCJ wasn’t “specific” about the end of their days. If one were to say, “the sun will rise tomorrow”, is it necessary to add “in the east”?? The culprits know that Sept 18 is three months after June 18 – which was when the CCJ took their fingers off the pause button on the clock!!
So what will it be? Will Granger continue to hide under the skirts of the new GECOM Chair and insist he won’t dissolve Parliament and set an elections date until she tells him when she’ll be ready?? Is he going to tough it out as the de facto President, even though he’s lost his de jure imprimatur?? Sadly, even though the Chair knows that Granger is playing the fool and is the one who should set a date in accordance with Art 61, your Eyewitness thinks she’ll allow him to save face and outline a timetable at the meeting to be held today with her Commissioners.
But what’s going on in Guyana is very dangerous for our future: The GECOM Chair’s sacrificing principles for expediency in trying to “give something” to each side. But it’s as if King Solomon was allowed to go ahead and chop the disputed baby into two. One commentator said the stipulations of the Constitution were made for our society and not the other way around. Maybe, but he misses the point about constitutional rule. So, henceforth, just because one political party stamp their feet and pout, it’ll be OK for them to violate the Constitution?
The Constitution is like that baby that won’t survive if it’s only obeyed selectively: it’ll be dismembered. But the PNC has shown they care not a whit for the Constitution or Guyana.
But they shall still weep and wail come elections.

…for Maduro?
The US Administration has once again imposed sanctions against some persons and groups who worked closely with Maduro to profiteer from food aid to the beleaguered Venezuelan people. These “personalised” sanctions have been imposed for a decade now but they haven’t seem to have had any effect on Maduro’s hold on power. While some might have viewed Chavez/Maduro kindly because of their PetroCaribe rice initiative, it’s good to remind ourselves of that old International Relations aphorism: there are no permanent enemies or friends; only permanent interests.
And with respect to Venezuela, our permanent interest is the inviolability of our Essequibo border. Your Eyewitness took note of the representative of Maduro’s opponent Guaido, who Maduro accused of treason for daring to suggest Venezuela drop its ridiculous controversy. Our interest was furthered when the Government voted as a member of the Lima Group to condemn Venezuela for its subversion of humanitarian aid. It was recognised by a State Dept desk officer who “thanked” Guyana on behalf of its Government.
Maybe, at long last, the Venezuelan albatross may be removed with Maduro’s fall.

The GHRA claims the Police Force didn’t bite the bullet on allegations by junior ranks of all sorts of corrupt activities against Deputy Commissioner of Police Lyndon Alves.
Don’t they know about the blue wall?