Shanella London looking to win Guyana Open 2021 golf tourney

– urges more women to play golf

By Timothy Jaikarran

A name that is no stranger to those on and off the golf course is Shanella London. She has continued to “put in the work” as she prepares for the Guyana Open. In the recently concluded S Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Construction Services golf tournament, London came in 2nd, and was the only female in the top 4, defeating countless opponents.

Shanella London receiving her trophy from LGC President Patanjilee Persaud

Shanella London has credited her coach Dr Emmanuel London for her results, and has praised him for pushing her the extra mile. In an exclusive interview with this publication, London had the following to say:
“The truth is, it’s been six years since I am playing the game of golf, and for those past years, I must say I have been enjoying the game. I must say thanks to my coach, Dr London, for motivating me to play this game. I mean, sometimes it’s hard to wake up every day at 5 o’ clock, but, nevertheless, I come and play golf, I try to do it at least three times per week, and then on Saturdays when they have competitions.”

Shanella London standing alongside LGC Secretary Chet Bowling

London is encouraging all ladies to come out and try their hand at the game of golf, as she is confident each lady would enjoy herself. She is also adamant that the lack of women participating in the sport during competition would put the few women to engage in competition against the men.
London also notes that she loves a good challenge and enjoys herself. She is avidly encouraging women and young people to come out and enjoy the competitive sport of golf.
Some of London’s amazing feats thus far are: being one of the first females to compete in the Suriname Open and win the A category; winning the Guyana Open once; playing golf in Barbados and Jamaica among other places.
In closing the interview, London said, “I think this is a lot going forward, and I think I have the potential to do great things and win the Guyana Open this year.”