Small Business Bureau provides support to Guyana’s first Pet Grooming Service

Pawsome Pets” is the name Luanna Pierre decided to use to represent her business, the first professional Pet Grooming Service in Guyana.pets

Pierre worked at an animal clinic and saw many animals being neglected in terms of grooming; and as such, this became an initiative she decided to foster.

She started doing grooming part-time, whilst she studied at the University of Guyana from 2011-2015. Her greatest achievement was finishing her Bachelors of Sciences Degrees in Agriculture. With the additional knowledge, she opted to work at the Guyana Livestock Development Agency (GLDA), but reconsidered after the urge to become an entrepreneur became greater.

Being an entrepreneur has always been a passion as she was exposed to the environment at a tender age, with her mother being a seamstress.

Even though there are many pet shops and dog services available in Guyana, Pierre’s business thrives on being the only grooming parlour and salon that takes care of your pets as though they are children.

Grooming pets requires a lot of patience and for Pierre, service is very much personalised with the “your dogs are my children” motto.

She enjoys bathing, grooming and demonstrating her humorous side by creating quirky outfits to dress the animals to their owner’s desires.

With care and patience, she grooms approximately five animals per day, with her clientele is gradually increasing.

Additionally, Pawsome Pets created jobs for two other UG students and a recent high school graduate.

Her business venture was primarily funded by a loan she facilitated by the Small Business Bureau Credit Guarantee Programme with Republic Bank Limited (RBL).

With the Bureau’s support, Pierre was also able to attend four days of technical training at an International Pet Grooming Expo in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA.

At this forum, she interacted with professional groomers and attended training sessions where she gained first-hand experience and knowledge regarding best practice in the care of pets.