Smart flies

Satiricus meandered his way to the Back Street Bar slowly. He’d stayed clear of the joint for a couple of weeks after his old drinking pal Cappo had “gone foreign”. But there were always one or more of the usual gang frequenting the watering spot, so he knew he wouldn’t be drinking alone. Which he hated.
“Hey Sato ole buddy…old friend!” exclaimed Hari when he spotted Satiricus. He was already chugging a beer with Bungi, Cappo’s former cane-cutting partner.
“Yuh hear fram da bai?” said Bungi as Satiricus sidled into a seat. He was referring to Cappo.
“The man working already,” he informed them, as he signalled for a beer. “In his brother-in-law construction crew.”
“’E betta sen’ somet’ing quick!” grinned Bungi. “Facktry grine aff an’ abee na get none back pay!!”
“Boy, from what I hear, your factory didn’t only “grind off”” said Hari. “They mightn’t even open all of them back to grind again.”
“Yeh…me hear dem guh tell abee in time fuh Chrissmuss,” said Bungi dolefully. “Chrissmuss present.”
“How come you so quiet, Sato,” asked Hari. “Didn’t you say you voted for Nagga Man and Rum Jhaat because they would change things for the better?”
“Well, they don’t have all that power, you know,” Satiricus said sheepishly.
“Suh tell me wha’ pawah dem gat, na Sato,” rasped Bungi angrily as he finished off his beer. “Even waan pawah!”
“Take it easy on Sato, Bungi,” said Hari placatingly. “His best friend gone…and now his leaders are betraying him.”
“Listen chaps,” started out Satiricus. “Nagga and Rum Jhaat were too trusting. They didn’t realise they would be outsmarted.”
“”Too trusting! Ha!!” Hari snorted so vigorously he almost inhaled his beer. “They were so greedy to get power, they would’ve walked over their mothers’ grave to just get their Minister work!”
“And now they have to show up and do whatever they’re told,” said Satiricus sadly. “Like in Parliament Friday night. I’m embarrassed for them.”
“All smart fly does end up in cow backside!!” advised Bungi. “Buy some beer Sato!”