Sophia road deteriorates 2 weeks after major rehabilitation

By Merissa Wilson

Commuters and residents using the Sophia Main Road via Dennis Street have vented frustration over the already poor condition of the road, which was recently reopened after it was closed for nearly two weeks to facilitate rehabilitation.

The condition of the recently rehabilitated Sophia Road
The condition of the recently rehabilitated Sophia Road

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Works on the road began on April 4 last and was recently reopened to the public. However, everyone — commuters, drivers, residents, pedestrians, school children — have raised contentions over the fact that the rehabilitated road is already filled with potholes.
In addition, with the May/June rainy weather already started, the condition of the road has worsened.
Speaking with this newspaper, taxi driver Oscar Morris, who traverse the road regularly, said the road was in a “manageable stage” prior to the rehabilitation. He noted that he is disappointed since he was expecting a “proper” road.
Morris added that since the rains have started, there is even more hardships faced by drivers who now have to fear getting their vehicles damaged while working.
“Now I have to worry about my car getting damaged. There are so many potholes filled with water due to the rain. These contractors should have taken that extra time and do the work properly. Nobody was hurried for it.” Morris related.
A minibus driver told Guyana Times Saturday that he is forced to use the access road since some passengers live along Dennis Street.
The man who had been working the route for over 15 years explained he is at a loss, since it takes a longer time to get through the traffic at that point due to vehicles trying to dodge the many potholes.
“I take about 20 minutes just to get through there. I could have made another trip in that amount of time. The ministry needs to look into this matter immediately because these roads are not getting any better. This project was a failure.” the frustrated driver complained.
Meanwhile, residents have also expressed disgust with the poor rehabilitation, noting that in its current state getting transportation to and from the area is proving difficult.
Susan Joseph a resident in the area stated that the road is a major inconvenience to her and family since taxis are either refusing to enter the area or are calling higher prices.
The woman said she usually works very late in the night and since there are no streetlights in her A Field Sophia area, she prefers to take a taxi to get home.
“No taxi wants to come through here anymore and even if they do you have to pay like an additional $500. This road is horrible and a lot of work needs to be done. I suggest that the ministry closes it down again to complete the work.” Joseph moaned.
In the meantime, vehicles have resorted to using the B Field entrance through Guyhoc, the route used when the road was being reconstructed.
Dennis Street, Sophia, between A Field and the Eastern Highway had been reopened to vehicular traffic mid-April.
The road works saw the completion of approximately 300 metres of timber revetment along Dennis Street. This construction included the installation of steel tie-rods and “hump” structures.
Rehabilitation of roads fall under the government’s Urban Areas Development Plan for 2016, which involves a number of other roads in various areas of the country.